Imagination VS Reality: Things only Superhero fans can question themselves!

Imagination VS Reality: Things only Superhero fans can question themselves!

REEL VS REAL: Things that only Superhero fans can relate to

Well, there are several opinions on being a superhero fan. But superheroes have created their own fan base. A lot of people love to watch them. Here is a list of things that only a superhero fan can understand.

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Imagination: Who will win in Thor VS Superman?

Reality: Even CBSE don’t include such tough questions, but my
superhero mind can

Imagination: If there’s a WW 3. How can I rise as a superhero?

Reality: Paranthe khaa(eat bread) , my rising tummy replies)

Imagination: When I will have money, I will buy myself a bat-mobile and
batman’s gadget irrespective of my age

Reality: Got money and buy myself a huge burger

Imagination: Using awkward superhero tag lines in daily use “your
friendly neighbourhood Spiderman”

Reality: Awkward Silence!

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Imagination: What if there is some hidden super serum in my drink and I
have to become the man to rescue the universe

Reality: Trying to finish a glass of milk without making creepy faces

Imagination : What will Deadpool say if my professor will call me to
introduce myself?

Reality: Didn’t even remember when attend the last lecture

Imagination: Please anyone give me time machine, so I could watch all the superhero movies by going in future

Reality: I don’t want to grow up

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