How to maintain Good Posture at Workplace?

How to maintain Good Posture at Workplace?
Parul Srivastava

Tips to maintain Good Posture at Workplace

Today working environment has completely changed and most of us spend most of our time on computer, right? According to a report, 50 – 80 percent people  complain of back pain in the workplace. So, do you know the main cause behind it? The cause is- ‘Bad Posture’. Bad Posture usually results from multiple habits you pick up while sitting around your office space. It is very important to maintain Good posture at workplace as it can be very helpful in reducing pain and discomfort no matter what type of chair you sit in.

How does Bad Posture Happens?

Usually, Bad Posture comes from habit. A lot of people pick up a bad posture through their leisure time whether it be watching television or playing video games.

Good Posture is really important

Risks of Bad Posture
Your body posture is directly proportional to your health. A bad posture can bring a lot of problems for you. When you posture is bad, pressure on your spine gets increased leading to tension, soreness, back pain and fatigue. A bad posture brings stiffness in your muscles, which leads to pain and discomfort.

Here are few tips to maintain good posture:

Maintaining Good Posture has a lot of health benefits. Having good posture allows your bones to stay properly aligned and gives them the ability to work as they are supposed to.

1.Take Proper Sleep: To maintain proper posture, it is important to take proper sleep. Choose the right mattresses so that you can sleep peacefully.

2.Do not forget to take breaks: If you feel tired while working, do not forget to take break. This will help you to get rid of stiffness.

3.Create an exercise routine: This will help you to solve your weight issues and will also make your muscles flexible and this will help you to maintain good posture.

4. Get medical attention after injuries: If you have got any injury, do not forget to get proper medication because injuries can lead to bad posture.

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