How to detect hidden cameras and microphones in a hotel room?

How to detect hidden cameras and microphones in a hotel room?

What are the methods to spot hidden cameras?

Generally, we think that we can see through the mirrors that we use in washrooms, toilets, hotel rooms, bathrooms and clothing rooms in public places but its wrong. It is possible that anybody else can see us. Sometimes we could not find it out that who is watching us. Today, we will tell you how to spot hidden camera in a hotel room?

Someone is watching you

Mobile phones: Make a call and then wave the device or mobile phone around the suspected item.  And if something unexpected happens, then there could be a hidden camera. Not all mobile phone could do this easily but when a call is about to come in, it will definitely work.

Camera Detector: Purchase a camera detector through internet or local electronic storage. But if you are in any hotel room, use it carefully.

Glass or plastic : In a hotel room, be aware of or be careful with such items like glass or plastic. The hidden camera can be adjusted in them so be careful.

Smart phones: Everyone knows that smart phones are becoming savior and a great tool in our lifestyle. Our Smartphone helps us in every aspect of our life. It can easily find the secret camera in a trial room.

How to spot a hidden camera?

Clocks: Mostly the camera is hidden in clocks in the hotel rooms. Sometimes it could be in the desk plants, balcony plants and housing plants. Books are also a place where anyone can place the hidden camera easily.

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