How to deal with fake nice people?

How to deal with fake nice people?
Radhika Srivastava

This is how you can deal with fake nice people

There are a lot of people we come across in our life. One of them are fake nice people that are complicated and difficult to understand. How do you deal with people who are nice to your face, but the moment you turn your back, they bring out a knife to stab you. You will encounter them around you on a daily basis. Spotting them is a great task as they will be very sweet and humble on your face. It’s important to keep a distance with these poisonous people. Here is how you can deal with fake nice people around you.

deal with fake nice people

Tips and tricks to spot fake nice people in your life

Here are some ways to do so:

1)   Trust your gut feeling:  Gut feeling or your six sense will definitely help you to identify such people. Most of the times, fake people give off negative vibes and while the naked eye might not see it, your mind can give you subtle hints.

2)  Listen other people too:  It’s very important to listen others as well. The thing with most of these fake nice people is that they try to make the whole world like them. They will try and be friends with everyone and some people will manage to figure out the truth faster than others. Therefore, listen to others as well

3)  Always try to know which people they don’t like:  Each time you meet these fake people, they will definitely bitch about how they don’t like a certain person, but the moment that person shows up, they instantly flash that ‘OMG you are my best friend’ smile. They will change their colours that too within a minute.

4) Know them deeply:  These fake people are selfish too. They will be your friend because they want something from you discover that thing. If you feel that a person is not genuine, do the maths and figure out if there is something they particularly want from you that is making them put on their best behaviour.

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