How many sexual partners you will have based on your Zodiac Sign?

Know you sexual habits according to your Sun Sign

We all get into relationship and one can have multiple relationships. May be the number could become both a cause for pride or embarrassment, but it depends on how high the number is!

Zodiac Sign and their sex partners

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Now-a-days, we all have some application, social media sites like Tinder and such things where ‘Sex’ is more often and more easily available. And people are more curious about their number, will it get as high as they’d like it to be? Your Zodiac sign will give a good peek into your future; it’s only fair that it tells you about your sexual future as well, right?

Here’s how many sexual partners you will have in your lifetime, based on your zodiac sign:-


Aries are confident, but those who belong to this zodiac sign are also a little impatient. They won’t think twice before approaching anyone, they won’t be up for too many mind games. Naturally, their chances of getting some are majorly ruined by their inability to play along.

Number of partners: 5-6


While they are extremely loyal they stick around to their loved ones but they are also little possessive. Taureans aren’t into of changing bed fellows as often as changing their bed sheets!

Number of partners: 2-3

Gemini (May 21- June 20)

Geminis have dual personality. They are extremely inconsistent and indecisive. But this quality makes them sparkling people who usually are the forever the center of the attention. They have a lot of people who are dying to be with them and have plenty to choose from.

Number of partners: 3-5


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Leo loves to get attention. Unfortunately, though, they have the higher egos and can get quite stubborn if things don’t go according to their wish. When we talk about sex, they are kinda dominating and charming too for interesting bedfellows.

Number of partners: 7-9


Virgos do hard-work in their relationship but they have the ability to be overly-critical of everyone including themselves comes in their way of actually feeling happy about something. Emotions are secondary and their sexual satisfaction depends on their partner’s reactions. Making love with Virgo is an exercise in patience.

Number of partners: 4-7


Cancerians are tough for strangers, they couldn’t break through. They are also particularly sensitive too and they don’t open their self before making serious emotional attachments. Don’t expect them to treat sex as casual.

Number of partners: 1-3

Wait for the second part to know about the rest of the Sun Signs.

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