House of Hula – By Huma Hazarika

House of Hula – By Huma Hazarika

House of Hula, a designer label, aims at creating statement jewellery with fine quality products being used and a crisp theme and detail maintained in every single piece. In talks with One World News, Huma Hazarika, discusses about her work and passion in creating her designs at House of Hula.


It came about as an idea to create whimsical jewellery & give women a chance to accessorise as per their mood every single day. The first collection, designed by a travel artist, has pieces to suit every mood & occasion. The jewellery’s been loosely inspired by the surrealism art movement along with hispanic culture & traditions like the ‘Day of the Dead’. Each product largely incorporates elements from everyday life to nature, travel, people & cultures.


The pieces are made with materials such as metal, swarovski crystals, crystal strass, hosiery which are then plated in gold, silver or copper.


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As Huma quotes, ‘House Of Hula aims to equip contemporary women with fine-crafted jewellery that has been discerningly assembled & curated by an efficient team of designers who under the tutelage of a seasoned artist, have shunned mainstream trends to come up with a range of unique, effortless jewellery that is dictated by the fluid & dreamy principles of art.’

They are currently in talks with various online stores, as well as retail stores to market their label.


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