‘Holotropic Breath work’: A way to relax your soul

‘Holotropic Breath work’: A way to relax your soul

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Today we will talk about Holotropic Breath work, that will help you to let go all the emotions that you have been holding on since a long time.

The term ‘Holotropic’ is derived from ancient Greek roots.

It is a kind of deep belly breathing, which leads us inwards into wholeness. This help us to enter the inner state of the subconscious that activates the natural inner healing process.

'Holotropic Breath work': A way to relax your soul

That in result generate unique inner experiences. People work in pairs in the activity . One person assists the breather to relieve all the stored trauma of the past. Each experience is unique, internal & non verbal.

Each session lasts for about an hour at the end of the session, experiences are shared to help integrate the whole process.

Holotropic Breathwork works on the assumption that we all have a mechanism that works as an inner healer.

“Anyone seeking healing from trauma, depression or illness and also those seeking insight or guidance may benefit. It is a powerful way to access the non ordinary state of consciousness. The activity helps us to transcend the narrow boundaries of the ego mind and move into ‘oneness’.”, says therapist Manju Agrawal

While the bodymind enter into a deep subconscious state, the inner wisdom uses that opportunity and inner life force work towards healing. . Be it on a physical, mental or emotional plane.

'Holotropic Breath work': A way to relax your soul

Participants have reported that Holotropic breathwork has helped them in getting relieve from various emotions that was buried inside them.

  • Releive chronic pain
  • Release anger
  • Get rid of negative thought patterns.
  • Get rid of fears and stress
  • Tap into creativity

Well, this process can definitely help you to explore the beauty of life and we want to you to realise beauty of life.

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