High fat diet impares brain function

High fat diet impares brain function

According to a report published recently, a balance of nutrition in the diet is very important.

Excess of any one component plays havoc, not only with the digestive, excretery and bilary systems, but can also potentially have a long term debilitating effect on other systems.

One such system is the nervous system, with the brain as, well it’s ‘brain’. Made up of thin slivers with tiny hair like appendages on one end, and a onion like structure on the other end, called the ‘synapse’, this is a vital communication module of the nerve cell.

High fat diet impares brain function


The hippocampus region of the brain, which is incharge of learning and memory retention, these synapses are all the more sensitive.

A high fat diet transports a good part of this to this region, blocking effective communication between the synapeses, thereby hampering learning and slowing down the memory too.

This is in addition to the other ‘gifts’ which a high fat diet imparts like obesity, and with it, diabetes, heart issues, potential for strokes, cancer, renal failure, fatty liver tissue, etc., etc.

However, all is not lost according to the scientists. A simple two month low fat diet clears the synapses in the hippocampus of this fatty debris, bringing the brain function back to scratch.

This will of course also have a positive effect on slowing down the other diseases.

All this said, would’nt it be better, if one can, so to speak ‘have the cake and eat it too’?

To do this, eating all food groups in moderation, according to activity levels, exercising appropriately, meditating (to bring in calmness), and following a generally ‘healthy’ lifestyle can help one live a fulfilling life in all it’s manifestations.

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