Hey Bro: Get ready for full on comedy!

Hey Bro: Get ready for full on comedy!

Hey Bro: Get ready for full on comedy!

Delhi was all set to dance with their dancing shoes on when Ganesh Acharya with entire cast of his upcoming movie ‘Hey Bro’ made an appearance at Marwah Studios, Noida to promote the movie. The movie which is all set to release on 6th March, 2015, is a comedy-drama and revolves around two twins who are not at all identical. One of the twins is the hot and fit inspector played by Maninder Singh and the other one is played by Ganesh Acharya, so you can now get an idea why the tag line says- ‘Twin with a twist’.

Talking about how the story came into picture, Ajay Chandok, the Director said, “The script was suggested by my script writer a long time back. But I wasn’t convinced since we have seen and done a lot of moves like that but he surprised me with the twist that twins aren’t going to be identical but extremely opposite- one would be hero looking and one would be extremely heavy weighted. However, I wanted to wait till we get the right cast and then came ABCD which actually surprised me since Ganesh did amazing job in it and was loved by kids and youth around, so I planned to take him.”

Where a lot of actors wishes to have a bit of connection with the movie, Maninder said that he would have banged his head on wall all his life thinking how come he have a twin brother unlike him and would have asked his mother how and what she did before giving birth to them. In fact, even in the movie his character is quite perplexed about the fact that Ganesh Aka Gopi is his brother.

Maninder would be seen matching steps with the epic Ganesh Acharya in two of the songs, one of them being Line Laga and he feels extremely honoured about acting next to him since Ganesh was the first person to give him break in the movie Swami.

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Expressing his directorial experience, Ganesh Acharya said “I never felt like I am being directed but yes I was tortured by him a lot. As a choreographer, I have a schedule completely different to actors but during this movie’s shoot I had to wake up early and was not even given food to eat at right time and so on. However, I must say that he is amazing director and very hard working as well. I had only 50 days to shoot for the movie, so Ajay actually amalgamated his days and night and made an absolutely amazing movie in just 50 days.”

There is this favourite scene of Ganesh in the movie where he is acting opposite to Govinda. First the plan was to dance however Govinda expressed his feeling to act next to him and that’s how the sequence happened. Apart from that, Birju remains a memorable moment for Ganesh since all big stars just came for him to be a part of the song and made it even more hit.

While talking about the song Ganesh also shared that the song was made through a conversation and never someone actually gave it the importance to sit and jot down the lyrics. “We picked up a famous dialogue from the movie Mother India which was said and played by veteran actor Sunil Dutt- ‘Birju…Tu aai gava bitwaa… Lala, meri maa ke kangan wapas karde re’ and thought how can we make it relevant to the generation now. So thats how the song came into picture. I am really happy that the youth really loves it.” Says Ganesh.

Whether its actors or singers, this movie has not left any stone unturned and has tried to present a different angle to the music of bollywood. For example Sonu Nigam has sung a song in 9 different voices, Mika Singh and Anu Malik are singing together and so are Udit Narayan and Mika Singh and so on.

Hanif Hilal is debuting with this movie but would be seen in a negative role, talking about the same he said, “I am excited and I am man of quotes- so one of the quotes I really like is “When most of the world is saying why stand up and say why not”. So yep I have been asked why I have chosen a negative role to debut in bollywood but my answer to it has always been that it’s not a debut as a villain but as an actor so look at the character and judge me on acting scale. When two big personalities of industry like Ganesh Acharya and Ajay Chandok shows a strong believe in you, who are you to question. I would like to do all sort of roles but one has to start from somewhere, so this is my beginning and i hope you like it.”

The movie is produced by Vidhi Acharya, directed by Ajay Chandok and been written by M.Salim. Nitz ‘N’ Sony are the music director and the cast includes- Ganesh Acharya as Gopi, Maninder Singh as Shiv, Nupur Sharma as Anjali, Hanif Hilal as Baba, Indira Krishnan, Prem Chopra and various actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, Govinda, Ranveer Singh, Prabhudeva etc. have made a friendly appearance in the song Birju.

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