Here’s all you should know about CSR

Here’s all you should know about CSR

Few things you need to know about CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an administrative idea by which companies merge environmental and social responsibility in their business performance and interactions with their stockholders. Here are few things you need to know about CSR.

CSR is primarily understood as the way through which a company acquires a balance of environmental, economic and social imperatives, a “Triple Bottom Line- Approach” while during the same time dwelling the expectations of share and stakeholders.

In this spirit it is very important to draw a characteristic between CSR, which could be a cardinal business management concept, charity, sponsorship or philanthropy.

Here's all you should know about CSR


Though latter can make a beneficial contribution to poverty cutback, and will directly add to the reputation of a firm and strengthen its brand, the idea of CSR clearly goes far above that.

Advocating the comeback of CSR amongst SMEs require attitudes those fits the separate needs and capacities of these firms, and do not negatively affect their economic entity. UNIDO positioned its CSR programme on the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) method, which has resulted to be a successful way for SMEs in the developing nations to reinforce them in meeting environmental and social standards without negotiating their competitiveness.

The TBL method is used as a framework for aligning and reporting corporate achievement against social, environmental and economic performance. It is an important attempt to coordinate private firms to the goal of feasible global development by presenting them with a more extensive set of working goal, than mere profit alone.

Here's all you should know about CSR


The prospect up-holed is that for an institution to be sustainable, it should be financially secure, minimize the negative environmental jolt and act in obedience with societal expectations.

Important CSR issues:

The important CSR issues are – environment management, responsible sourcing, eco-efficiency, stakeholder engagement, employee and community relations, labor standards, working conditions, social equity, human rights, gender balance, good governance, and anti-corruption measures.

An effectively implemented CSR method can bring with it a variety of vying advantages, like upgraded access to markets and capital, increased profits and sales, savings on operational cost, improved quality and productivity, valuable human resource base, improved brand illustration and reputation, valued customer loyalty, effective decision making and risk management processes.

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