Here is the list of highest grossing Indian cricketers!

Here is the list of highest grossing Indian cricketers!

List of highest grossing Indian cricketers

The Indian cricketers are indeed the most talked about players in the sports world. It is not just because of the fact that Indian national team has been in good form from the past few years but also for the huge following that the game has in its home country. Here is list of highest grossing Indian cricketers.

Indian cricketers are regularly and heavily paid for their on-field performances but apart from this,they have big endorsement deals. Cricketers are paid in crores to use the products they endorse and one among these products is the cricket bat they use while playing on-field.

The Indian cricketers are paid much more for endorsing bats than their foreign counterparts.

Here are 5 Highest grossing cricketers:


The Indian Test cricket captain Virat Kohli signed a deal with the renowned tyre company, ‘MRF’, just before to the ICC World T20 for a whooping 8 crores.

MRF was previously associated with the master blaster of the Indian cricket Sachin Tendulkar. Virat is the richest cricketer at the current moment.

Here is the list of highest grossing Indian cricketers!

Virat Kohli


The Indian cricket team captain MS Dhoni signed a deal of 6 crores with the sports company ‘Spartan’ for displaying their brand name on his bat.

His previous deal was with the sporting company Reebok, whose sticker he used on his bat on-field for the major part of his cricket career.


Yuvraj Singh made his comeback in the Indian cricket team earlier this year and the stylish Delhi boy grabbed a deal of shrieking 4 crores from the sports and apparel brand ‘Puma,’ to use their brand name on his playing bat.

Here is the list of highest grossing Indian cricketers!

Yuvraj Singh


The Indian cricket teams opening batsman Rohit Sharma signed a 3-year deal with the famous tyre company CEAT in November 2015.

Anant Goenka, MD of Ceat Ltd at the time of signing the deal said that the company welcomes Sharma to their family.

The tyre company pays Rs. 3 crores to the Mumbai batsman for carrying their brand name on his bat.


Rohit Sharma’s partner and the Indian teams opening batsman Shikhar Dhawan, also signed a deal with the tyre company MRF for Rs. 3 crores. He signed this deal along side Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir.

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