Here are some interesting food facts you may not know

Here are some interesting food facts you may not know

Interesting Food facts every citizen should know

We love a good fact and we love, love, love a fact about something we can relate to. Here we have rounded up some food facts that every citizen should know. We reckon you will be pretty surprised.

Here are six food facts that you never knew about:

1. Red pepper has more vitamin C than an orange

People always think of oranges and other citrus fruits as vitamin C Superfoods, but according to this food fact, a red bell pepper has more vitamin C than an orange does. So next time you have a cold, you might want some red pepper soup instead of orange juice.

Here are some interesting food facts you may not know

Red Pepper

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2. Figs contain digested wasps

Certain types of figs are pollinated by female wasps, who attempt to lay their eggs inside. In the figs that we eat, the wasps usually die before laying eggs, and the fig then breaks down the wasp into protein. So while you will never find any wasp bits intact inside a fig, there was a wasp in there at some point.

3. Only about 1% or 2% of the corn that’s harvested each year is edible for humans

There are basically two types of corn that US farmers grow: sweet corn and `q123 field corn. Sweet corn is the stuff we eat, but it’s only about 1% of the corn grown. The other 99% is field corn, which has hard kernels and is used mostly as livestock feed and for corn-based products like ethanol.

Here are some interesting food facts you may not know


4. Honey never ever goes bad

Thanks to a combination of fortuitous properties — such as lack of water and presence of hydrogen peroxide — honey never spoils. Jars of honey were excavated from Egyptian tombs and were found to be perfectly intact and edible.

5. The different colors of Froot Loops all taste the same

No matter the color, they all have the same flavoring and that flavoring is “froot.” So those childhood memories of thinking you liked the red ones best are lies.

6. Tomato ketchup is allowed by the USDA to have as many as 30 fruit fly eggs in it

All foods have to pass certain safety and quality standards set by the USDA. However, there is a decent chance that you have still eaten plenty of bugs. Ketchup can contain up to 30 fruit fly eggs, while blueberries can have two maggots per 100 berries.

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