Here are few things Every Woman Should Know about Her monthly cycle

Here are few things Every Woman Should Know about Her monthly cycle

Got heavy falls? Cramps in your stomach? Take a look on this piece

Usually women have periods, which last for about three to seven days every month. It is very important to get yourself educated about the nuances of your menstrual cycle. Here are some facts about your periods that every woman should know about it.

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Periods aren’t gross, inappropriate or a taboo that you can’t talk about. It’s not a secret or any ‘girly thing’ that you have to whisper. The struggle of menstruation is real. Notably, 10 to 30 percent of women suffer heavy menstrual bleeding.

Don’t believe in those deceiving advertisements, which say that you are free to do anything. But you have to stay clean and choose your pretty panties wisely in that time of the month. Say ‘no’ to white panty or white pants and dresses.

You don’t have to worry about if you found blood clots or some mixed colors down there, from red to brown and all the in between. Those crab craving is more than PMS. It can be the signs that you are low on progesterone, some of the hormones that help regulate blood sugar.

During your periods you are going to lose between four to twelve teaspoons of blood and fluids in every cycle, which can lead to iron deficiency. So you have to consider taking about your eating habits and should add iron supplements.

A little odor during periods is normal. It happens because during or after your vaginal pH levels get out of control. Don’t fall for those scented sanitary napkins. So don’t think much about the smell.

Periods create lot problems

There are some messy days during periods because it’s not just the blood you are only losing but also a layer of the uterus which sheds every 28 days or so, along with a few blood vessels.

If you are thinking that you have to abstain from sex only because you are menstruating. But if you want you want to heat things up when you are in that time of the month. You should not forget to use protection. Well, missing your periods doesn’t always certify that you are pregnant. Sometimes due to stress, sudden weight changes, hormonal changes, extreme exercises, changes in diet, mood swings or other health regarding conditions could also be the reason behind it.

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