Here are 5 small ways to improve your marriage

5 ways to improve your marriage

People are bombarded with grand gestures of love and idealistic relationships. All things that we watch in movies want us to believe that a perfect relationship cannot include the struggles of life, but the truth is that a relationship cannot be perfect without struggles. While things we see on TV may not be realistic, it is possible that all these things strive for an imperfect marriage full of love, unity and communication. Here are five small ways to improve your marriage.

Here are 5 ways to improve your marriage:

1. Make small talks until it becomes real

Though this sounds weird, but this suggestion is a lot like the old saying “fake it till you make it.” A good marriage is full of good communication, so if you are having communication issues, jumping onto an emotional discussion is not going to go well. First, learn how to talk to your husband again and once the small, day to day, talk comes easy, then you know you are ready for the bigger, more emotional talks you have been dying to have with him. Choose to small talk and watch as it becomes real to improve your marriage.

Here are 5 small ways to improve your marriage
Initiate talks

2. Listen

Do not just smile and nod and do “oh” and “awe” at places, but actually listen. To make sure you are listening and you really understand things, repeat the conversation back to your spouse in your own words. If you are not sure what is being discussed say something like, “I know you said…, but what do you think about…?” By simply listening, repeating and clarifying, communication will improve your marriage to a real good.

3. Laugh and don’t just smile

Though they say that you cannot really fake laugh for 10 seconds without actually laughing but, people have tried to defy this statement many times. Laughter is contagious, even if it is fake so choose to see the humor in every situation. Instead of getting angry or sad, choose instead to laugh and watch joy spill and improve your marriage as well as brighten it up.

Here are 5 small ways to improve your marriage
Go to bed at same time

4. Go to bed at same time

Sleep is important for you, but going to bed at the same time as your spouse has many hidden benefits for your relationship. Going to bed at the same time as your spouse creates an ideal time for cuddling and talking, two main things that strengthen your relationship. According to Psychology Today, 75% of couples do not go to bed at the same time, and report more marital conflict and unhappiness. Even if it can only be managed a few nights a week, going to bed at the same time as your partner is proven to improve your marriage.

5. Do small little things for him/her daily

Apologizing is a hard thing and when both partners are too stubborn to do so, the littlest, most inconsequential things, build and build until your marriage implodes. Do not make that mistake. If it is something of little consequence, then have the courage to swallow your pride and apologize. You will never regret it. Also, make sure your spouse knows they are appreciated. Say thank you for the things they do for you daily and make sure they know how much you love them. Gratitude goes a long way for any relationship, but goes even further in a marriage.

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