Happy birthday Test Cricket, here is all you need to know

Happy birthday Test Cricket, here is all you need to know
Radhika Srivastava

Test cricket turns 140 year old today, here is all about its history

Yes, it’s a 140th birthday bash of Test cricket today! Though our national game is hockey, but lot of us are crazy fans of cricket. 140 years ago, the first Test was played between England and Australia. England and Australia was the first teams who played the test cricket. Even with T20 cricket gathering most of the attention in the current scenario due to the quickness of the game, big hitting and euphoria that goes alongside, Test cricket, for most romantics, remains the best format of the game.

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Test cricket always tries to bring into question a team’s resilience, patience and consistency over the course of a lengthy period. During early times, the format has seen matches played in six days and now the current format of five days. There are even lot of discussions to reducing it to four days.

Google changed its doodle to mark the event

Google always change its doodle in order to mark the presence of any bigger event. This celebration of Test cricket is captured by Google as well. Doodle is representing six colourful cricketers performing different activities on a cricket field.

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The first official Test is considered to have begun on March 15, 1877 and it witnessed England and Australian teams go head-to-head at the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). That’s right the first test cricket was played in Melbourne. The contest finished on 19 March with the Aussies winning by 45 runs. In the second Test, England came back to level the series. Later, this rivalry between England and Australia came to be known as the Ashes with the competition beginning 1882.

In the first Test that began on 1:05 PM, Australia’s Charles Bannerman scored the first ever runs in the format with a single. He remained the dominant figure in the contest scoring 165 runs in the first innings but he was injured on finger and therefore, he was dismissed for four in the second innings. Australia scored 245 and 104 in the two innings while England produced 196 in the first and chasing 153 runs for the win, they scored 108 to lose by 45 runs. This match saw attendance surging to nearly 12,000.

There is previous history of cricket too involving USA, Canada and New Zealand but the contest between USA and Canada was never considered an official Test match.

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