Govt to soon conduct nationwide survey on TB after 60 years

After watching the WHO’s report government is planning to conduct survey on TB 

 Govt to soon conduct nationwide survey on TB after 60 years Government of India is planning to conduct a nationwide survey on TB after a gap of nearly 60 years because the report of World Health Organisation has revealed the rise in the number of TB patients.

Notably, survey for this deadly disease will be carried out next year in order to find out how many patients are suffering from this disease. According to a report, such a survey was last conducted in the year 1956.

World Health Organisation
World Health Organisation

Global Tuberculosis Report 2016

As per the Global Tuberculosis Report 2016, The TB epidemic is much larger than the previously estimated, reflecting new data survey from India. Six countries including India, Indonesia, China, Nigeria , Pakistan and South Africa have accounted 60 percent of the new cases.
According to Health and Family Welfare Minister JP Nadda, new cases and deaths due to the disease have decreased.
However, number of cases notified has increased as many cases were not reported, but when Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme bought Private hospitals under its ambit, the notifications increased.

All you need to know about the Disease, The myths and facts

It is very important to understand that TB is curable and this disease could be treated, but can become fatal if not treated properly. Here are the symptoms of TB:
Cough that last for more than 3 weeks
Weight loss and loss of appetite
Sweating in the night
Chronic chest pain

FACT : It’s not heredity rather it is an air borne, which can happen to anyone, irrespective gender, age or socio economic background.

TB is treatable and its treatment could last from 6 -12 months. But it is important to take medicines on time to prevent it from becoming fatal.
So if you have any of the above symptoms, please contact your doctor

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