Google is celebrating its 19th Birthday with a Surprise Spinner


Its Google’s 19th Birthday: The Doodle will let you play the funniest games ever

Google is celebrating its 19th Birthday today, and its latest doodle is a birthday surprise spinner which will take you back to its most memorable doodle games. You have to just spin the wheel to play interactive browser games from past 19 years, like a musical puzzle game Beethoven’s 245th birthday, or this adorable Magic Cat Academy Halloween game from 2016.

Google Doodle

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On its 19th birthday, we will tell you 8 facts about Google that probably you didn’t know. Here is a list of those 10 facts:

  • It can give you the meaning of any word and can also translate symbols and characters that are not easily understandable
  • You can get any information from all across the world. For example if you are art lover, then you can search for any art gallery from all across the world.
  • Type any number on the search bar of Google and it will spell it for you.
  • Google is now also capable of giving correct pronunciations. Just speak a word and it will pronounce it for you.
  • You can search for flights, travel destinations, shopping destinations and Google will also have an answer.
  • Google allows you to search meanings, translate words and learn new words.
  • It can also help you solve mathematical problems
  • . You can also get comparisons for different things on the Google
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Google has made our lives easier. In just one click we can get thousands of results. It has changed the way of our living and we are thankful to it.

Google was introduced in year 1998 and now, it has completely taken over our lives. Happy Birthday Google! You don’t forget to play games available on the spinner.

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