Google cardboard will soon get spatial audio!

Google cardboard will soon get spatial audio!

The spatial audio support got by Google Cardboard will be available for both Unity and Android developers. That means Discrete Event System (DEK) specifications do not need to stress on the sounds played on separate left or right speakers to create a generating 3D effect.



For the virtual reality (VR) experiences of developers, Google has added spatial audio support for its cardboard Software Development Kit (SDK).

If company wants to make VR and cardboard accessible as widely as possible Google has built in support of spatial audio, which is vital. It will also have minimal impact.

The company explains that, in order to minimize processing power DEVS will be able to control the sounds priority.

When former VP for product and management, Clay Bewor changed his title on twitter to “VP Virtual Reality at Google”, it was confirmed that the new SDK update comes just a day after reports began to emerge about the Google’s formation of dedicated VR vision.

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