God by any other name….

God by any other name….

There are many names for God and these are attached to different cultural ideas about Gods identity and attributes.

In ancient Egypt the deity was called ATEN, in Hebrew Bible and Judaism it is ‘He who IS’ and Elohom and Adonai. In Sikhism it is Wahegure, In Islam Allah, Ahura Mazda in Zorastrism and in Hinduism it is Bhagwan.

God by any other name….


Though names may be different in different religions and the ways to invoke God may be multifarious yet there is one underlying Truth –all religions are worshipping ONE GOD but through overlapping and different concepts.

In Monotheism and Henotheism God is conceived as the superior Being and principal object of faith.gods attributes often described by theologians are omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence, omnibenevolence, divine simplicity and eternal existence.In Monotheism God is the Creator and sustainer of the Universe and in Deism He is the Creator but not the sustainer. In Pantheism God is Universe itself. In Atheism God does not exist. However in agnosticism God is deemed unknown or unknowable. Many philosophers have developed arguments for and against the existence of GOD.

Whilst all the above is true I feel the belief or non belief in GOD is a personal matter and deep down everyone does believe or is aware of this all pervading sense of the supernatural or all pervading power in one form or the other which is part of life and existence.

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