Get Inked on your finger!

Get Inked on your finger!

Get Inked on your finger!

Trends keep changing and youngsters of our country keep catching up with new styles and trends going. So, here comes another style that is been noticed among so many youngsters recently, that is, getting inked on the fingers.

Even B- town Divas are getting themselves inked on their fingers. Jacqueline Fernandez recently got a tattoo on her finger that reads love.

Get Inked on your finger! - one world news

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Not only celebs but younger generation of our country is also getting hooked to it. In a country like India where we have so many norms and regulations, sometimes, it becomes difficult to flaunt the tattoo we have it on our body.

So, people from age group of 20 – 30 prefer to have it on their fingers as by getting it on their fingers, they can easily flaunt it.

Get Inked on your finger! - one world news

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Not everyone likes to get big tattoos as getting them is a painful. Getting inked on finger means lesser pain and you can hide them or even flaunt them as per your choice.

Recent trend that is mostly catching up in the urban areas is getting inked the name of your better half at your finger instead of exchanging engagement ring. Some of them even get inked the D- day.

Get Inked on your finger! - one world news

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Well, if you are also planning to get a tattoo, go ahead and have it on your finger that you can flaunt anytime, no matter what you are wearing.

Also, as Valentine’s Day is approaching you can go with your partner to get their name inked on your finger.Exchange the feeling of love and explore new creativity.

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