Gautam Rhode becomes the Angry Man of television

Gautam Rhode becomes the Angry Man of television

Gautam Rhode becomes the Angry Man of television

Gautam Rhode, one of the heart throbs of the television industry has left a remarkable impression because of his role in the series ‘Mahakumbh’ on Life Ok.Known for his character Saraswati Chandra, Gautam is also known for promoting fitness, he said “Fitness is a part of me but I would like to break the myth that just because you don’t come on TV, you don’t need to lose weight but the reality is that if you have a good shaped body your confidence boosts up, you start loving yourself and more than that it’s about stamina and immunity, even in your later stages you will be healthy and not prone to diseases.”

Gautam Rhoda becomes the Angry Man of television  - oneworldnews

When the Mahakumbh cast and crew was on grounds for promoting the series in Delhi, One World News had the opportunity to speak to Gautam and know much more about him and the character of Rudra:

How challenging was the character of Rudra for you?

This character has been more challenging as compared to the others I have attempted so far because rest were characters we come across every day, like someone who is abroad and returns or soft hearted etc. but how to relate to a man who has been brought up on a land of graveyards! So, when I was preparing myself for the role, I had to imagine how I would behave in that particular scenario and act the same way. I have worked on the body language as well and developed some characteristics on my own as an actor. For instance: Rudra walks with his fists closed, always sits in an upright position, tilts his head when angry and so on, all this can be added only by the actor, no one can teach you how to own the character and let it flow.

If you had to possess strength like Rudra, what would be your reaction?

Rudra is blessed with raw strength and a tattoo on his back which consists of an unrevealed secret about Mahakumbh. He thinks he loses everyone who comes close to him because of the tattoo, so for him it’s a curse but it’s later on that he realizes that he is born for a cause. However, if I would be given chance, I would love to possess such power. Who wouldn’t?

Gautam Rhoda becomes the Angry Man of television  - oneworldnews

How is the experience of sharing the screen space with Seema Biswas?

She is a great actress and an amazing human being. She is like a child, and first actress I have come across who does everything to perfection but still doubts if she has given her 100% or not. And that’s an important quality in an actor; he/she is never satisfied. This way an actor improves their skills and it’s not about age but it’s about learning the craft and how eager and how far you can go to learn the craft.

Tell us something about the experience of working with Arvind Babbal?

It’s my fourth time working with Arvind Babbal and it’s always amazing to work with him. We are very compatible and know almost everything about each other. I am well versed with the kind of work he expects from me and other actors on the sets. I believe and would say that I haven’t worked or seen any better technician in the television world, and what makes this serial even more special is the fact that everyone of us works just an actor without any tag attached with our names and are working towards creating a benchmark for television.

What is the difference between the usual shows that you have done and MahaKumbh?

The difference between the usual series and this series is that we already have our scripts and everything is ready with us, so we aren’t waiting for the TRPs to come and then decide what to do with the story or the actor or what not. You might fall in love with the character and if that happens then you would watch the show no matter what the character does or the story goes to. With our story it is not the same.

Gautam Rhoda becomes the Angry Man of television - oneworldnews

You have played a lot of characters, which amongst all you relate to the most?

I can relate much to Saraswati Chandra because he is a typical man who is religious, respects others, is good hearted and many other things to which I could easily relate. When I get angry- I think sensibly, I am more on the calmer side and do not believe in throwing my hands over others but yes, if it is something which is not at all acceptable then the repercussions are different.

However, Rudra is very different and the thing I have learnt while growing as an actor was to leave every stress at work rather than carrying the baggage to my home which makes it easy for me to stay the way I am and not let the character take over me.

Few television actors have already bagged roles in movies and few have made their debut, have you gotten a chance as well?

People are getting chances in Bollywood, but I am very happy wherever I am. Television is helping me in earning the respect, the money, livelihood etc. so I am not expecting anything and if any role comes on my way then there is no harm in giving it a chance.

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