Garments for the modern day woman

Garments for the modern day woman

Kanika Jain, owner of Kanelle – ‘A brand for a modern day woman who would associate herself with global fashion’, speaks to One World News about her clothing and style that reflects in her designing.

Kanika, acquired her Masters in Marketing and later studied at the prestigious London College of Fashion. And today, with her brand Kanelle, she is amongst the most sought after designers in Delhi. As the name suggests her designs are modern and stylish, they are quite the ones which modern day women hunt for. The designs reveal an aura of freshness and enthusiasm with the colors and fabrics that are subtle, yet have a sense of uniqueness to them.


The brand has its own knock-off, of garments. Each collection is a modification of the other and represents a totally new theme. The apparels here are for every woman, be it bold and dynamic or simple and feminine.

Kanika’s silhouettes are undoubtedly glamorous, teamed up with her statement jewellery and accessories. Surely, hard work does pay off! She brings to us a westernized feel of designs for today’s fashion forward women.

You design garments which have a totally different aesthetic feel.What is your idea behind it?

Well, the inspiration behind my style of designing comes from my environment. I closely observe the beauty of things around me in order to get inspired by the same and create something beautiful each time. This is how I bring newness to my style.


Is your work based on some specific colors and theme? Or are you comfortable with any color given to you?

Yes, every collection that I make has a story and a theme board, which I feel is important to have in order to depict a story about your work. This follows a mix of color palette in every collection, depending on the story type.

Do you experiment your work/collection with yourself too?

I do love to wear my own creations because my designs speak greatly of my own personal style and I feel it is one of the best ways to showcase your work.

Describe your personal style. How do you put it up in the garments and accessories?

My work reflects a lot about my personal style, which is androgynous, edgy and yet clean at the same time. I like the idea of styling two simple yet strong pieces of clothing/accessories together in order to complete the look.


What kind of market does your collection aim for?

My customer is the woman who is fashion forward and is exposed to the international way of styling. Someone who likes to experiment, but is still comfortable in her own skin.

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