Forget Samba, It’s time to Zumba

Add fun to your regular gym regime and switch to Zumba

Add fun to your regular gym regime and switch to Zumba :- If you are bored of your regular gym regime and want to add fun to your fitness schedule, then switch to Zumba.

Zumba is not an exercise routine, it’s a lifestyle philosophy. It is an exotic cultural experience that includes dance steps and music from all over the world. .

The basic elements of Zumba are fun and high energy, which makes it world’s one of the most popular dance forms. Being a high energy based dance form, Zumba requires you to put in a good amount of physical strength.

Zumba is dance fitness program created by Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto “Beto” Perez during 1990s. It involves dance elements of many forms which include hip-hop, salsa, mambo, chachacha, samba, tango, Martial arts, belly Dancing, Bhangra etc.

The exercise includes music with fast and slow rhythms and resistance training.

The most interesting quality of Zumba is the fact that it engages its dancers in an exhilarating mode of exercise while giving them the pleasure of enjoying a stress bursting dance party.

A Zumba workout helps you to burn calories and lose weight. In general, a Zumba session last about an hour, during which you can expect to burn around 300-600 calories.

With the increasing demand for Zumba in Delhi, many institutes have come up to meet the needs.

A very important thing to be kept in mind while practicing Zumba is to choose a Zumba trainer who knows his dance well and a good place to ensure that along with all the exercise, your dance provides with a truly exuberant experience and helps to infuse positive-energy in you.

Choreography is simple so that participants don’t get too involved for getting the step right and lose out on fun. It’s such that anyone and everyone can do it.

There is a warm-up in the beginning, at the end, there’s a cool down.

The idea is to raise the heartbeat and then cool it, and raise it again. Most probably there are no special diets as such to be followed during Zumba.

Zumba has now evolved to constitute various categories including  Zumba  Gold, Zumba  Toning, Zumbatomic, Zumba in the circuit and Aqua Zumba, which includes Zumba dance steps to be performed inside the swimming pool so that the dancers can enjoy water based fun filled experience while toning their bodies.

There are many Zumba fitness videos and Zumba games available in market. Zumba’s popularity can be elucidated by the fact that many celebrities have adopted the routine including Jennifer Lopez, Jackie Chan, Kirstie Alley, Emma Watson,  Neha Dhupia,  Shakira and many more.

Zumba keeps motivation peaked with a catchy soundtrack which includes a lot of Bhangra and bollywood beats in Delhi.

The basic goal of the Zumba dance instructors is to make people want to work out. Fun and easy to do, Zumba is the type of fitness exercise you’ll want to do every day because it’s different, effective and enjoyable.

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