Forest of moments

Forest of moments

We always skip small moments in our lives, but when such moments are captured and made unrealistic, not just by the lens of the camera but by the naked eye of a human, we get touched and moved. Rafa Gasso is one of these magicians who manages to capture these moments and bring them alive. In a small chat with A. Kameshwari from One World News, Rafa Gasso expressed much more about himself and his work.

Rafa Gassó

What is your view behind your exhibition, ‘Indian PALabras’?

The idea behind ‘Palabras’ is to create a forest of moments. I was thinking what should be the title of this project, so I asked people around how they say moments in Hindi and that’s when I got to know that ‘PAL’ means moments in Hindi.

Like PAL is moments, ‘PALabras’ is worth. I would like to see how people interpret these pictures and connect to them.

I am working in India since long time now. Magazines always asks for concrete photographs, but I thought of working on a project which is an extension of creative part of my job as a photo journalist. Two years ago I bought my first iPhone and That’s when I thought that even this phone can be the right equipment to do passionate projects.

I started doing something creative two years ago. I prefer to be sure before clicking any picture. Beginning of my career was the best moment for me. When Cervantes saw my photographs they were keen to exhibit it in their gallery and even I was excited about it.

Rafa Gassó, oneworldnews

“My hands are 120 years old”, he said.Maybe his eyes witnessed of the Partition.#NizamuddinWest #NewDelhi #India

Did you always aspire to be Photo Journalist?

I love photography and love to click. Well, I don’t know what I wanted to be but I hope I continue whatever I have taken up now. As far as I can remember, I always loved writing. When I finished secondary school, I had to choose what to take up, Fine Arts or Journalism. In those times I just started photography and loved it, so I chose Fine Arts, knowing that I wanted to be a journalist. So in the beginning, I was more of a journalist and less of a photographer, but later it changed into being more of a photographer and less of a journalist.

Tell us something about yourself, as a photographer and as a person?

I am an obsessive photographer. I can wait for hours for the right moment. I don’t follow any techniques, not that it shouldn’t be followed, but take idea before shot. I would also add that it depends on what kind of project you are working on.

As a person, I love cooking, travelling, reading, writing and also wrote few novels for my friends.

What about dancing…

No, I am a bad dancer. My friends laugh at me when I start dancing.

How has been your experience in India?

My experience in India has been amazing. The saying about India that ‘Everything is possible’ is very true and I like it for the same fact. Every part of India is different and unique. People here are very clever and they don’t get too angry. If something doesn’t work out, they always have a plan B for it. There is so much to capture here, from people to culture, from things to colours and so on.

In Spain, people who work around while putting up the exhibitions like workers, security etc. show no interest in the work or the exhibition. Whereas here, the moment people saw the pictures, even security guards and workers, they were congratulating me for my work and were happy to see their state or place in the pictures. So, I really love it here.

Rafa Gassó, oneworldnews

#KumbhMela #Allahabad #UttarPradesh #India

What do you think a photograph should depict?

It is difficult to say what a photograph should depict. I usually leave it to people how they interpret every picture.

What you like to capture and why?

I usually click whatever I think is exclusive. Having characteristics of a hunter is very important to click the perfect moment. Concentrating and spending hours of waiting for a moment is very important. It should be catchy and real.

Which places you loved shooting the most?

I loved shooting in Kerala of South and Rajasthan in North. Apart from this I am going to Kashmir too, so let see what I would experience there.

What is your next project?

I would travel to Kashmir. I have heard the road to Kashmir is open for a short span of time. I have been told that lot of people take food for winters to Kashmir, so I am trying to find any of such transport and go along with them. I have heard about their beautiful landscape and would love to capture it.

Rafa Gassó, oneworldnews

Color and Water Festival, #Holy Day, #Pushkar #Rajasthan #India

What message would you like to convey to our readers?

Come, see and express. I am not from India so for me it is important to see how people react on my work.

Picture Courtesy : Rafa Gasso

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