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Five amazing reasons to love Salman Khan

Five amazing reasons to love Salman Khan

Five reasons why Salman Khan is a true sweet heart

Salman Khan is one name in B- Town which needs no introduction. Despite all the controversies he has faced, all the flops he has given but he is and will be still on the top of the best Bollywood actors list. You just can’t ignore him and his kindness. Indeed he is a true sweetheart, and today we will give you five reasons to love him more.

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1. Launching the career of many stars: Salman Khan has undoubtedly helped a lot of stars to achieve their goals and become what they are today. Himesh Reshammiya, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Sajid-Wajid were some of the names which are thankful to Salman Khan for helping them. Talking about the latest hit actors? Katrina Kaif, Sonakshi Sinha, Arjun Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez are really thankful to industry’s Bhaijaan.

2. His foundation ‘Be Human’: Salman Khan is probably the one and only star to launch his own foundation for the kids and poor. He knew it pretty well that children who are ill or were not well would not be able to go out and watch the movie so prior to the release of partner, he had a special screening for the kids and not only this every kid when came out with a special gift in their hands. Isn’t this great!

3. Always helping the needy: He is the man with a golden heart for sure; despite all the controversies he had faced tolerating all those fingers which were pointed towards him. He gave bicycles to kids, money to the people in need and he even donates blankets to the people who sleep on the streets.

4. Inspiration to all the the youth generation out there: Anything which looks good on Salman Khan, it redefines to the youth. Youth basically admire everything he does; his hair style in “Tere Naam” became a huge rage in India. In fact, the look he had in “Mujhse Shaadi Karogi” was also a hit. Forget about the looks a simple bracelet which Salman Khan wears is something people got mad about, everyone searched for the same piece just to look like their star. Most of the youth who believe in body building somehow got the inspiration from Salman Khan. He has definitely made an impact on the youth of India. He is someone who redefines ‘COOL’.

5. Screw awards: Salman Khan is one actor who never cared about the awards. But Salman Khan has proved with his work that he doesn’t need an award to prove he is one of the best actors in B- Town. He has done a number of roles in different movies that too totally different from being a police in ‘Garv’ to a mad lover in ‘Tere Naam’, from being a heartless person in ‘Kick’ to a totally emotional person in ‘Bajrangi bhaijaan’ he gave his best in all the roles and proved that he is the best.

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