Finding Out the Real Villain

Finding Out the Real Villain

One comes from a film family and the other does not. One had a blockbuster debut but the other did not. You might have not guessed them by now, but need not worry as this week you will get to see them at a theatre near you. Yes! We are talking about the lead pair of ‘Ek Villain– There’s one in every Love Story’, Sidharth Malhotra and Shradha Kapoor. Here are excerpts from a brief chat they had with One World News while promoting their film in Delhi.

How was the experience of working on ‘Ek Villain’, is Mohit a strict director?

Sidharth: Mohit Suri scenes are mostly pre-planned. He knows his space and understands whether the actor is doing it over the top or not. Hopefully, the performances are convincing as it is a completely new character. Honestly speaking, by far the most fulfilling performance oriented role for me. The first line of the narration was that it is a love story of a bad person. It is exciting to push your limits and moreover, I had the correct Director for it. If it would have come from a new director or a first time director, quite possibly, I wouldn’t have done it.

Shradha: Mohit doesn’t spare his actor. He makes you push yourself and stretch your boundaries. He does not settle with an okay shot. But I trust him the most as he understands me as an Actor.

How did Bollywood happen, Sidharth?

I used to model in Delhi, seven years ago I went to Mumbai to audition for an Adlabs production. Then I was roped in for a song in Dostana, eventually I joined the ‘My Name is Khan’ crew as an Assistant Director. Finally, I auditioned landed up a role in ‘Student of the Year’.

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Was ‘Ek Villain’ and effort to break the lover boy image/sweet girl image?

Sidharth: Where do we get to break things and fight in real life? I enjoy the fact, that as an actor I get to do these alienic things. Versatility is something I swear by. When I was an audience before, I thought that the actors were doing the same thing every six months. As an actor I don’t want to be typecast. So, it was not an effort of sorts, but this is the way I want to choose my films. They ought to be different in terms of the character I play.

Shradha: I am a huge Priyanka Chopra fan, she is extremely versatile and I just adore her for that matter of fact. People remember her for her roles. The same way, I look forward to choose good scripts and do different roles.

Riteish Deshmukh (who is also playing an important role in the film) has told that it has been the most taxing film of his career?

Sidharth: True. Everyone went through a lot of mental torture. As I did not have many dialogues, it was tough to hold on to a certain expression for a long time. If someone is in front of you, speaking and you are just staring. Acting via expressions, it is not easy.

Shradha I have never spoken so much in my life. For me it was more of verbal torture. Nobody can be like ‘Aisha’ in real life. She is a complete namoona, a true sample.

What do you think about your contemporaries in the industry?

Sidharth: I am a huge Ranbir Kapoor fan and I loved Barfi and Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. More recently, I saw 2 States and think Arjun was fantastic in it. I am waiting to watch Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya which stars Varun. All of us are focusing on doing good work. This year is important for all of us. None of us are pressured by competition; we are in for a healthy competition. 2 States has done good business, which at the end of the day is good for all of us. The audience is accepting this new generation of actors.

Shradha: I completely agree with Sidharth on this. We are all in for a healthy competition.

How do you take criticism?

Shradha: Honest feedback is really appreciable. My biggest critic is Mohit and I know that he is honest. He understands me as an actor and wishes good for me. All in all, I take criticism positively.

Sidharth: We are all subject to that. For me it will be to answer by actions and not by words. People who thought I wouldn’t be able to pull of film like ‘Ek Villian’, I hope it answers them.

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Movies you wish to have done?

Sidharth: Barfi. I would love to have no dialogues (laughs).

Shradha: Ram-Leela hands down. I am a huge Sanjay Leela Bhansali fan.

Films you would want to do in future?

Sidharth: I always wanted to play a fighter and luckily in my next film I am playing a mixed martial arts fighter, it is a remake of an English film, yet untitled. I am also doing Vikramaditya Motwane’s next film.

Shradha: Currently I am rehearsing for ABCD: 2 and only looking forward to put up a good performance in there.

Any message for your fans?

Sidharth: I have tried something different and unique with this film. Hopefully, everyone likes it. I hope to come up with good films which entertain the audiences.

Shradha: I hope everyone enjoys this wonderful movie, it is a love story directed by Mohit Suri and a really touching one.

Photo Courtesy : Harsh Agarwal, OneWorldNews

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