Finally, the wait is over – The LG G3 is here!

Finally, the wait is over – The LG G3 is here!

Last week LG finally took off the wraps of its 2014 flagship device the –G3. Although the G3 leaked many a times over the months which kept the buzz about the device going, the launch event in New York, on the 27th of May, more or less cemented those leaks while the phone’s features were on display.

Now that the device will be globally available in a couple of weeks, let’s take a look on what the G2’s successor is like.

The LG G3 is work resumed from where LG had stopped in the G2. Although the G2 was an amazing phone in itself with top of the line specs with a camera- well able to handle low light photos, a battery- well able to take you through the day but the lack of an external slot, uncomfortable rear keys and badly done UI and low audio from the speakers had the users nothing but complaining. With the G3, LG has taken all that into consideration and come up with something extra.


The specs for the G3 include a 5.5 inch True HD-IPS + LCD capacitive QHD touch screen offering a resolution of 1440×2560 pixels at a stunning 538 ppi, currently highest on any phone; a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 clocked at 2.5 Ghz with Adreno 330 GPU, 2 GB RAM clubbed with 16 GB internal storage and 3GB RAM clubbed with 32 GB internal storage (depending on the model you choose) with an expandable storage upto 128 GB via microSD and Android 4.4.2 out of the box.

The LG G3 is equipped with an Advanced OIS+ primary camera with 13.0 MP aided by a dual LED Flash and a Laser Auto-Focus System – a first of its kind on any Smartphone, that senses the depth of the field to give perfect quality photos while snapping at faster rate than conventional Smartphone cameras.

Like I said earlier, that LG has heard to the plea of its users, unlike the G2, the G3 is powered by a removable 3000 mAh battery which can be also be charged wirelessly, to feed the beefy processor and the screen. Now that’s something to look out for as the specs have been upped the ante but the battery’s amps are similar to the one in the G2, but it is replaceable. Although, LG claims that the power management has been handled smartly for the screen and the processor. Also, there are options for tweaking the processor’s frequency etc. by which the phone’s performance can be optimized by the user – Well done LG! And since, the Snapdragon 801 series is known for efficient power management cruising though the day should not be much of a problem for the G3. We’ll let you know the results once we are done testing the G3.


On the Connectivity front, the G3 supports 4G, 3G and 2G networks and has got everything right from NFC to Bluetooth to IR to Wi-Fi, which has nearly become the standard for all flagships these days. The G3 is also bundled with health apps to monitor your health and go out with you on workouts!

Lastly, the UI and the rear keys have undergone a rehaul which was much needed. The UI is much cleaner with flatter icons and the notifications area a lot cleaner and simpler with LG adding in a host of new features such as Smart Notice, Quick Circle, Smart Keyboard and the much talked KNOCK Gestures. We’ll tell about these in detail in our review of the LG G3 and about their usability so stay tuned. Also the rear keys which consist of the volume rocker keys and the power key are flatter and circular respectively and LG claims that despite increasing the size of the phone it falls in the ‘Perfect Radius’ to be able to hold the phone in the hand and reach out for the keys with much ease.

Kudos to LG to have put so much under the G3’s hood and having made it incredibly slim 8.9mm and light at 149 grams. Also its bezel free near-edge-to-edge display with a metal skin construction makes the device feel and look gorgeous but with a superb display on offer who would want to look at the body instead! Moreover, LG has got the G3 out in five different colors to choose from which the company calls Metallic Black, Silk White, Shine Gold, Moon Violet, and Burgundy Red. Quite an eye-candy!



Our early verdict is that with the LG G3 the ball is in LG’s court, and Yes! It is not a smartphone, it’s a Superphone that is just capable of being the emerging phone of 2014. Whether the phone will be a true hit or a miss we will let you know in our in-depth review of the LG G3.

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