Festivals that are celebrated like Diwali in foreign countries

Festivals that are celebrated like Diwali in foreign countries
Radhika Srivastava

Set world on fire: Festivals that are celebrated like Diwali in foreign countries

India is very well known for its enriched culture and traditions. There are lot of festivals that we Indian celebrate with great enthusiasm. Here are few festivals that are celebrated like Diwali in foreign countries.

“Diwali” – the festival of lights is probably the one festival which is celebrated across India irrespective of states and religion. Diwali is festival of lights we light up the candles, diyas but now people burn crackers too.

Old people still yell yet times stating that it was not a tradition and not in par with Hindu rituals. However, Diwali is the festival of children as they show a lot of interest in firing the crackers.

Many start bursting the crackers even month before, despite of lots of warnings from environmentalists. Here, are 6 festivals that are celebrated like Diwali in other countries.

Chinese New year

Chinese New year

Las Fallas – Valencia, Spain

Spain is specially famous for it’s festivals. From tomatino festival to bull fights are most famous festivals from Spain. So this Las Fallas is also one such festival which literally means “fire”.

This festival is celebrated for two weeks unlike Diwali which is being celebrated a day or two. You can say it’s a second name of Diwali. Many dolls ans statues (preferably politicians and terrorists) were made of paper and grass and are lit to fire.

The fire crackers will be the most attractive phase in the festival. This festival pulls more than 40 lakh foreign tourists to the town.

Purim festival, Israel

This festival of Israel too is cebrated like Diwali in Israel. One of the glorious and biggest festival of Jews living in Israel and Palestine.

The festival was celebrated on the commemorate the events that the Jewish living in persia (now israel) were saved being killed by Haman, a cruel and cunning adviser of King.

He wanted to kill entire people in the country as they are revolting against him. Jews celebrate the day with lot of joy and fun. This festival is celebrated to express joy and happiness through burning crackers.

Chinese New year – China

Why not it’s about China’s new year so they will ofcourse celebrate it with bursting crackers.
If you name the fire crackers no one can beat China.

It is actually said that fire crackers were invented by Chinese. Chinese New year is the biggest festival of China people around the world. It is very important festival to Chinese as they pay tributes to the ancestors and dead people. The fire works and crackers used on this day always marks a world record.

American Independence day – United states

Yes, Americans too rely on crackers for celebrating Independence day. The most spectacular fire works and crackers could be witnessed this day in the America.

The Independence day is celebrated on fourth of July as the declaration of Independence is signed on that day. Americans celebrate it by burning crackers.

Bastille day – France

The 14th of July is celebrated as a Bastille day in France marking the date of start of French revolution on 1789. So, they too celebrate this fest like Diwali.The revolutionaries has occupied the Bastille and from then the remaining was history. The day is celebrated with lot of fun and prosperous.

The official military parade and fire works at the Eiffel tower are the main attractions of the Bastille day. People dress up like revolutionaries and fire the crackers in the joy of victory.



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