Father’s Day: How To Make This Father’s Day Special For Your Hero?

Father’s Day: How To Make This Father’s Day Special For Your Hero?

Make The Most Out Of This Day, Surprise Your Daddy And Spread Love

This Father’s Day celebrate and honour fatherhood. Make the paternal bond stronger. We often forget to make that special gesture towards our fathers. Spend some quality time with your father as he might not say it openly but deep inside he wants to spend more time bonding with you.

Here are some ways you can make special gestures for your father on his day –

1.Hand-made DIYs or Greeting cards

Even the most expensive gifts cannot be as precious and heartfelt as something you make yourself or put your own efforts too. A hand-made greeting card will lighten your father’s face with a smile when he will see how much effort you made rather than just going to a shop and getting something off the shelf. You can even make him a CD or Pendrive with his favourite all time music or films and label it with a thank you note to express how much you love your father. All kinds of hand-made DIYs are the perfect choice of gift for this occasion.

2. Cheer along your father for Indian Team at ICC Cricket match

Luckily the ICC Cricket final match India V/S Pakistan is scheduled on Father’s day, and we cannot stop obsessing about it. Make some popcorn, order food at home and settle on the couch. This is one of the best ways to bond over father’s day. It is a Sunday and the match starts at 3 Pm IST. You can even go to a restaurant where they have a live screening of the match and cheer along the other guests.

3. Shopping Day Out

Sundays are fun days. Go out to a mall or market with your dad. Check out the latest collection of clothes, watches, ties etc. Buy your father some gifts. Make him feel special. Help him choose a trendy outfit. After shopping, sit for brunch at a restaurant and talk about stuff that you usually neglect. Make that move and you will see that hanging out with your father is so much cooler than your buddies.

4. Family get-together

In this new millennial, we do not get much time together as a family because everybody has jobs, family, friends etc.This father’s day call all your relatives at home or just close relatives and have a family get-together. Talk, laugh and spread the love. Appreciate your bonds and just have a good time.

5. Say thank you to the most important person in your life

Well, sometimes simple words can make the most magic. Just go to your father and tell him how much you appreciate his efforts. Start a conversation at breakfast and let him know how much you care.

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