#FashionDiaries: Let us decode Niti Taylor’s style secret!

Niti Taylor is an inspo for all the young folks: What is her mantra? 

It is really hard to believe that stars can live a life as normal and loving like rest of us, isn’t?  They are always are in rush of promotions and their too busy schedules don’t allow them to live a normal life. But there are celebs who know how to make their life happening. One of them is definitely Anushka Sharma, the gorgeous diva lives each and every moment. Well, TV actors also have packed schedules. They work 16 to 17 hours every day but that doesn’t dull their shine. They give us some major career as well as fashion goals.

(Niti Taylor)

Today, we are going to decode the style secret of Niti Taylor.  She is now a household name. The gorgeous girl is an inspiration for millions of girls out there. She shot to fame from Kaise hai Yaariyaan and now the third season of the show is driving their fans crazy. No doubt, Niti is a wonderful actor but her style statement just blows our mind.

Here are few things all the young women should learn from her:

1. One black dress should always be there in your wardrobe. The color black creates a magic and you should definitely own a black dress for special occasions

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2. Good earrings collection will always come handy. No, that doesn’t mean that you have to buy earrings for each and every dress but few good pairs should always be there.

(Niti Taylor)

3. Keep it simple: If you love make -up, then you should wear it but you should not overdo it. Highlight your eyes because that will change your look.

4. Shades are must: In summers they are a must. You should always carry it with you.

5. Travel often: Travelling gives you a different perspective towards life, so you should travel often. No matter, how busy you are, you should always take out some time for travelling.

The season 3 of Kaise hai yariyaan is already setting the temperature high. If you haven’t yet watched it, go and watch it right away!

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