Fall in love with Korean movies

Fall in love with Korean movies

Indian audiences for long only go for mainstream Hollywood Movies or watch movies made in their native languages. If they feel like watching something bold, they either watch French or German cinema. But only a few notice the beauty of movies made in other parts of Asia. South Korean movies have evolved over time from the ‘Golden Era’ in 1960’s to early 70’s to the strict censorship by the govt in the late 70’s. Here are a few little known feature films that will take your heart away.

Drama: Boys over flowers (2009)
Director: Jeon-ki-Sang
Starring: Ku Hye-Sun, Lee min-ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum and Kim Joon.
Format: Television Drama


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Plot: Geum Jan-di (Ku Hye sun) is a hardworking and bold girl who stands against the rich, handsome and arrogant group of boys-the F4. The film talks about how two boys from the group fall for the poor girl (Jan Di) which leads to numerous misunderstandings and fights. The romantic-drama however, ends on a sweet and happy note.

Thumbs Up! : The television series created a stir throughout Asia during its broadcast in 2009. It influenced South Korean men to take note of their personality and come out of their ‘pretty boy’ image.

Autumn in my Heart (2000)
Director: Yoon Seok-ho
Starring: Seung-heon, Hye-Kyo, Wo Bin
Format: Television Drama


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Plot: Dealing with the brother and sister relationship the movie brings out the emotional bond which the siblings share. Separated by circumstances, they fall in love with each other, unknowingly, when they meet years later.

Thumbs Up! : The drama was placed among the top ten highest rated Asian dramas in 2003. With some subtle performances, the series is surely worth a watch.

Millionaire’s First Love (2006)
Director: Kim Tae-gyun.
Starring: Hyun Bin, Lee Yeon-hee

Millionaire’s First Love (2006)

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Plot: Hyun Bin (Kang Jae-kyung) is a rich and spoiled brat. He, however, becomes soft and polite with the entry of a girl from country-side in his life (Lee Yeon-hee). The girl falls victim to a life-threatening disease leading Hyun Bin building a house in her memory.

Thumbs Up! : Must watch for all Romantic movie lovers! It will leave you with moist eyes.

The Classic (2003)
Director: Kwak Jae-yong
Starring: Son Ye-Jin, Jo Seung-woo and Jo In-sung

the Classic

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Plot: The film showcases the parallel love stories of a mother and daughter where the mother’s story is mostly shown in flashbacks. The mother in her younger days had fallen in love with a man whom she could not marry. Instead, she marries her lover’s friend. The story takes a twist and the destiny takes her daughter to encounter her mother’s lover’s son (Seungwoo’s son), thereby forming a circle.

Thumbs Up! : The movie is worth watching. It was nominated for the ‘Best Asian Film’ in the 2004 Hong Kong Film Awards.

When I turned Nine (2004)
Director: Yun In-ho
Starring: Kim Suk


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Plot: The film showcases the love story of kids aged nine year. The movie is set in 1970s in Korea.

Thumbs Up! : The movie will remind audiences of their childhood love. A soft and romantic film, it will touch your heart.

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