Express your love with Handmade products

Express your love with Handmade products

Express your love with Handmade products

Social media has become an effective way of starting up any business which has a lot to do with creating pieces that are eye candy for people. Sanjam Kaur, a simple but astonishingly creative girl never knew the magic and the power of social media before she actually tried it for a purpose she was unaware of. She would create cards for her friends but she never knew it could fetch her popularity and money too. On advice of her sister, she began this page and today, her facebook page is flushed with requests from people all over, asking for cards, boxes, cakes and cake-pops, all designed and decorated by her.

Express your love with Handmade products

Handmade cards to express your love

Today we bring you the options available for you at Sanjam’s store, if you haven’t decided what to gift to your Valentine this year.

So, here we are, getting you options, straight from her trunk of creativity, an exclusive collection for Valentine’s Day.

Express your love with Handmade products

Metal Trunk with ‘Open-When-Letters’

Usually, when you take cards from stores like Archies and Hallmark, the message is already pre-written and you just mention your name. However, don’t you think it has become out-dated now? What if we tell you that you can bespeak the card too?

Express your love with Handmade products

Yummy Cake Jars with different flavors

All you have to do is place an order with Sanjam and she would prepare the card with the words spoken by you just for your loved ones. “I have a wide variety of cards, to choose from and one of the most-selling cards is the Explosion Box. The Explosion box consists of flaps.

These flaps, when opened, have pictures of the messages you want to covey to your loved one. Other than this, one of the other options is the A3 size post card which can’t be opened but has small envelops on them, which consists of your message and there are clips with your pictures on it. You can put as many envelops and clips depending on your message.” says Sanjam.

Express your love with Handmade products

Cake pops for your beloved

She also brings Metal Trunk (available in three sizes) of three colours- Pink Blue and Orange which has open-when-letters. Elaborating about the same, Sanjam said, “Open-when-letters are small messages, you would want to give to your friends or loved ones when they are in a specific mood. For instance; if your partner is sad, she/he would open ‘Open When Sad’ letter which can have any message that you want to share with him/her.”

Express your love with Handmade products

Customized chocolates in different flavors

If you are looking for a tasty treat for your Valentine then you can order Banofee Jar, which is made with banana, caramel and crushed biscuit or Red Velvet, which is made with cream cheese and red velvet cake. However, if you have a specific flavor in your mind, you can give your preferences and Sanjam would make it for you.

Another option, which is available for you is Cake Pops- made with batter of cake and mixed with cream cheese, topped with chocolate- either white or dark or milk chocolate- and sprinklers over it. You can also get chocolate heart shaped lollipops, which are filled with either caramel or strawberry syrup and can also be flavored in rum with nuts and nice crunch to it.

Express your love with Handmade products

Metal Cage with chocolates and a small note for your Valentine

One also has the option to get a box of chocolates wherein, each block is a letter from the name of your beloved. They are available only in two flavours- White or dark chocolate and cannot be customized since they are very thin in size, however, any essence can be added to these chocolates.

Last but not the least comes, The Metal Cage. Metal cage is available in 3 to 4 colours: White, yellow, mint (light blueish green) and red. The cage would have a letter from you to your beloved and a box of either handmade chocolates or any other brand of chocolates you prefer.

We hope, now you have ample options to choose from and are no more tensed about how to make your special one feel really special this season of Love. To place your order, you can follow her on instagram:@handmade_cards_by_sanjam, Or like her on facebook: Or can make a call at: 8860-332929

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