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10 things that every man should learn from Dev Dixit

10 things that every man should learn from Dev Dixit
Parul Srivastava

10 things that every man should learn from Dev Dixit aka Shaheer Sheikh

Well, Indian Fiction Romance Television Series, Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi is currently ruling the television industry. The lead actors of the show are getting a lot of applause. Sonakshi aka Erica and Dev aka Shaheer are doing justice to their characters. Well, Dev’s character is not just meant for making girls go weak at their knees, but he can also give some serious relationship goals to the men of this era. Though Dev and Sonakshi’s relationship ended on a bad note, but still he hasn’t lose hope. So, here are 10 things that every man should learn from Dev Dixit of Kuch Rang Pyaar ke Aise Bhi. So, if you are also a crazy fan of Dev Dixit, you will surely agree with me.

Here is why girls want their better half to be like Dev Dixit

Here is why girls want their better half to be like Dev Dixit

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1.We all have flaws and we should accept it: Dev knows he has some flaws and the best part is, he accepts it. He wasn’t able to support Sonakshi after marriage which led to their spilt, but for that he doesn’t blame anyone rather he has worked on himself as an individual.

2.Sometimes it’s okay to be carefree: Life is all about making some best and memorable moments. So, sometimes it is completely cool to be carefree. Sooner or later, things will get better. You have to just hold on to the vision and trust the process.

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3.Little bit of jealousy is important in a relationship: Its cool that today’s man is just least bothered about his better half personal space. But sometimes girls want their partners to get jealous and want them to demand their haqq (right). So, it’s cool to get jealous sometime like Dev gets jealous from Jatin.

4.Fitness comes first irrespective of your age: Currently, one can see Dev as Suhana’s father and Gollu’s Big Cha in the show but that has not taken away his charm. He is a fitness freak. We agree allthe young man out there are not actors, but at least all of them can do regular exercise to keep themselves fit.

5.Bonding with kids is important: He is a super cool Big Cha of Gollu because he understands that kids crave for importance and time from their parents, but most of us fail to give them their share of time. He understands the need of the hour well.

6.He is a supercool Jiju: Getting married means a lot more relationships. Dev is a supercool Jiju, he not only advises Saurabh and Ellena on different matters but also supports them.

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7.His daughter means world to him and he can make any sacrifice for her: Dev loves his daughter so much, and for her he can cancel his 100 crore deal and can leave his house just to spend time with him.

8.Bonding with Saasu ma (mother – in – law) can solve all your problems: Gone are the days when Son –in- Law was supposed to maintain distance with his father –in –law and mother –in-law. Now, the so called ‘Damads’ have turned sons. So, it’s better to bond with in –laws, especially mother –in –law.

9.True love never dies: Where in the era, where digesting true love is little difficult but it exists. True love never dies. Dev and Sonakshi are no longer together, but he still cares for her.

10.You should never forget your past hardships: Dev has seen a lot in life. As a child he never had access to a lot of things. He is now a successful entrepreneur but he has not forgotten his past hardships which makes him a wonderful person.



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