Eat Lychee and Stay Healthy!

Eat Lychee and Stay Healthy!


Lychee is popularly known as ‘gift for a joyful life’ in China. Lychee contains minerals and vitamins that promise a healthy and fit life. It is sweet, juicy and delicious fruit that is a delight to taste buds.


Lychee is known to have some unmatched benefits. Some of them are enumerated as under:


Eat Lychee and Stay Healthy!



Anti-Cancer Properties:

Eating lychee can protect you against cancer as it has some natural anti-cancer ingredients. Lychee is a super fruit and is famous for its anti-breast qualities.



Lychee contains good amount of ‘oligonol, a low molecular weight polyphenol’. Oligonol has effective anti-influenza virus and anti-oxidant properties. Lychee improves blood circulation, helps you reduce weight and keeps your skin protected against harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.


Rich in Minerals:

Lychee contains potassium and copper-the minerals that are vital for keeping heart rate and blood pressure under control. Eating lychee, therefore, protects you against CHD (Coronary Heart Diseases) and Stroke.


Vitamin C:

Lychee has 40 percent more vitamin C than the oranges. Vitamin C is useful in building resistance against infections.


Vitamin B Complex:

Lychee contains good amount of vitamin B complex namely thiamin, niacin and folates.


Low in Calorie:

Lychee is a wonderful fruit that is low in calorie content as it does not have cholesterol or saturated fats but has sufficient dietary fiber to keep your digestive system happy.


It is a great choice for all fitness-freaks and health-conscious people.




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