Eat Fruits for Radiant Skin!

Eat Fruits for Radiant Skin!


Fruits are not only healthy to eat but are also effective in imparting glowing and radiant texture to your skin.


Below are listed some easily available and useful fruits that are capable of enhancing and augmenting your skin.



Apples are not only vital for maintaining good health but they also act as good skin toner. Simply add a cup of apple juice to your bath tub and you will be surprised to see the results. Your skin will become soft, supple and radiant.


If you have dandruff in scalp, just wash off hair with water mixed with a cupful of apple juice.



Mash up a banana and apply it over your face. Leave for few minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. Your skin will become radiant, supple and soft as never before. Mix some mashed bananas with honey and mashed apple and apply the mask evenly on your scalp. This will make your hair amazingly beautiful and shiny.



Papaya is a great source of vitamin A and is an instant source of energy. Mash some papaya and mix well with aloe vera gel and apply evenly as face pack or hair mask.



Juicy peaches are a boon for dry skin. Mash some ripe peaches and add a tablespoon of curd and few drops of rose water. Mix evenly into a fine paste and apply it on your face, leave for 10-15 minutes andwash off with lukewarm water.


Your dry skin will become smooth and well moisturized.



Avocado is an oily yet mild fruit often called the “alligator pear”, owing to its thick skin. Avocados can be bright green to black in color.


Avocados contain high quantities of monounsaturated fats, potassium vitamin B, vitamin E, vitamin K and digestive fibers.


They are very effective in mitigating facial puffiness. Good news for those having oily skin, mash some avocados and mix one egg white and few drops of lime juice. Leave for 10-15 minutes and rinse off with water. The avocado face pack will extract away all the excess oil from the skin and will make it smooth and radiant.


Eat Fruits for Radiant Skin!



Plums or Prunus is a drupe juicy fruit rich in vitamin C and A and has some amazing anti-wrinkle properties.


Mash some plum and add few drops of lemon juice and apply on your face. The pack is fantastic for people with oily skin. It absorbs all the excess soil and keeps your skin nourished and hydrated.



The delicious yummy strawberries have salicylic acid and are excellent for getting rid of acne and skin eruptions. Strawberries are also known to have skin bleaching properties and lighten up your face and arms. Mash some strawberries with two egg whites and moong dal and some curd/ mix well and apply it on your face leave it for 20 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water.


Try theses fruity and healthy tips for making your skin smooth, supple, soft and glowing in a natural and simple way.




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