Easy Way To Carry Shorts For Plus-Size

Easy Way To Carry Shorts For Plus-Size

On roads, in television, in college or wherever you go and turn your gaze to, it is really hard to come across someone who has the confidence of wearing shorts or hot pants.

We must have heard people saying ‘be comfortable in your own skin’ but how far are we allowed to be comfortable in what we are? It is not written anywhere that a woman with oversized thighs and hips or other such problems cannot wear shorts.However, it is important to know the right way of wearing shorts or choosing the correct kind of shorts available in market for you. So today let One World News tell you a few fashion mantras to carry hot pants or shorts:

Easy Way To Carry Shorts For Plus-Size

Wearing a plus size to your size can add your look Source

Add-up a size to yours: Fitting into tight shorts is not going to make you look slimmer. In fact, it would make you look curvier. So to avoid questioning from all around about whether you have gained a bit more of weight, you can always go with a size bigger than your actual size. We understand that the number would upset you but what we want is for you to be comfortable and confident about what you are wearing. If it’s too loose, take the help of a smart belt.

Easy Way To Carry Shorts For Plus-Size

The tighter the shorts, the fatter you look Source

If you have fat legs and do not really want to opt for shorts then you can try Bermudas or opt for knee length shorts which are wide at the end. Make sure that the shorts are little loose making your legs smaller and smoother and completely avoid wearing prints and light colored denims.

Fewer the pockets, cooler the look: Going by the style and look, people tend to miss out on pockets but it would be shocking for you to know that pockets play an important role in making your figure. If you have flabby waist and heavy thighs then you should avoid huge and deep pockets as the more you would fill them up, the more haphazard your shape would get. Go for simple designs and older fashion when it comes to the pockets.

Easy Way To Carry Shorts For Plus-Size

Long tops or loose tops or three-fourth pants can make you look better Source

Cut down the possibility of shrinkage:If you do not want to go with denims then the most widely available material in shorts is cotton. Cotton could be the best material to wear but here comes the twist; cotton has the ability to shed its shape- they can shrink in their first wash. So, if you are opting for cottonshorts, do not only buy a size plus to what your size is but also some inches longer in terms of length so that even if they shrink, they don’t become hot pants.

So, we hope that we have made your summers cooler than before with this easy-to-do steps.

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