Dreams do come true

Dreams do come true

Taking people down the memory lane and spreading messages through her exclusive art, Olek, a crochet artist, gets her inspiration from everything that she observes around herself. Whether it is an SMS, a movie, a conversation, a woman, a bus, you can imagine anything under the sun and she can design it through crochet. Her elite art is not just limited to sculptures but she also designs clothes for stage plays. A.Kameshwari of One World News conducted an exclusive interview with Olek and got to know more about the artist and her art.


Why have you chosen crochet as an art form?

I haven’t chosen crochet, the art has chosen me. It is like my language through which I communicate with my audience. It’s just like someone paints. But crochet isn’t seen being used that often now.

How was your journey from Poland to New York?

After completing my graduation I wanted to escape Poland so, I decided to come to New York. The beginning was hard but slowly it started working and today, here I am. The most difficult part was to get crochet an acceptance as a fine art. I was lucky that I did street art, public art movements because of which people were accepting me. They started turning up for my exhibitions. Graffiti wasn’t accepted nor crochet but yes later people started getting interested and eventually accepted me as well as this art form.

Who do you design for?

I design for everyone. The motive is that whoever passes by my exhibition or store, they should take either some inspiration along themselves or go back to some part of their memories. So yes, it is for anyone.


Did you always aspire to be a Crochet Artist?

When I was kid I wanted to be a fashion designer in Paris and eventually, it changed as I became an artist in New York.

What message does your art carry?

Every piece is different and every piece has a message. Once you take a look at my work on my website, you will also find the message I want people to understand out of it.

How long does it take for you to make an art piece?

Crochet takes a lot of time. But I get inspired from a lot of day to day things, so I don’t count, I just enjoy making it. Counting time would be depressing.

Crochet as a medium of art, how different and expressive is it?

They are very expressive. You create bold & clear messages which can be understood by anyone. It speaks to many generations and different cultures. Everyone has had a crochet past, as in their grandparents, parents or aunts have been using this art form, so the moment someone looks at my art they get connected to it on that level.


Wherever I travel, I see people wearing something crocheted. I think the medium is always so familiar to my audience.

Tell us something about your upcoming project?

Usually, I don’t talk about projects till they aren’t 100% sure. My next project/exhibition is going to be in Hawaii, for ocean day.

Do you have any plans of coming to India

I would love to come to India someday. It’s one of those countries I have never been to. I love the colours, fabrics and it’s my dream to come to India.

As an artist, how important do you think is to portray/ give a message to the audience?

As an artist I think it is our responsibility to give messages or talk about issues with public around the world. A lot of my pieces express various movements. Gay rights, human rights and other basic rights which are very important for all of us. When you are successful, people look up to you. So, it’s everyone’s duty to talk about various issues and make this world a better place to live.


Do you think it is effective?

Of course it is! Crochet is not an intrusive form of art. It usually depends on the way you portrait a message for your audience. Crochet touches people, and the message is put up so creatively that either people would take it or leave it. People are tired of being told what to do, so yes, art is a way to let them know about their surroundings and change their view towards various things.

What would you like to convey to our readers?

I would love to inspire people to have a better life and to pursue their dream. I followed my dream and that’s how I am here today. Dreams do come true; you just have to believe in them and yourself.

Picture Courtesy : Olek

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