Do the DOGA!

Do the DOGA!

Do you have pets at home and are in hunt of a stress-buster? Well, One World News brings to you a unique mix of yoga which can be beneficial for both, you and your dog. In this context, we interviewed Mahny Djahanguiri, an enthusiastic doga instructor based in United Kingdom who has been practising DOGA for the last two years.

Kindly elaborate on Doga.

Doga is yoga for you and your dog. It is a yoga practice that involves dogs of all sizes, breeds and temperaments.
The postures are made to involve your dog in exercises. Your pooch aids as a weight if they are less than five kilos or as yoga bolster if they are of medium or larger sizes.


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When and who came up with this unique idea?

It was a lady called Suzy Teitelman, a yoga teacher from Miami who started this in 2004.

In how many countries do you have branches in?

So far, I only teach in the United Kingdom. Although, I am the only Doga Teacher in the whole of Europe, I hope when my book ‘DOGA’ comes out in February 2015, this form of exercise will grow globally. Nowadays, you can find Doga classes in New York, San Francisco, Miami, Hong Kong and various other states in the US but they are all amateurs.

In what way Doga helps people?

Doga is a yoga class which benefits the owner in the same way as a regular yoga class. However, the dogs help draw your focus and attention on certain muscles, like the lower abdomen or inner thighs, depending on where the dog is sitting. The dog will add extra weight to your pose, making yoga a lot more challenging and strenuous.

How do dogs behave while performing exercises? Are they friendly and enjoy along?

They love doga. It is a mutually symbiotic experience. The more the owner relaxes the more comfortable the dog gets. When the owners starts calming down that’s when your dog starts boosting up the energy. I usually allow the dogs to roam around freely for the first quarter of the class so they can play and sort out mentality of the people. When the time is right and the owners are already in their meditation practice, I ask them to coax their dog on the yoga mat and invite them to join in the class. This process cannot be forced and it isn’t the aim of Doga to perform dog yoga poses. The aim for the owner is to learn to let go and allow the dog to become curious as to why you are so calm. To force any living being to do anything is NOT YOGA OR DOGA.


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Since the name is ‘Doga,’ why do you think yoga is necessary for dogs?

It is not vital for a dog to do yoga however, it is highly beneficial for them to deal with anxiety and attachment problems as well as trauma. Doga activates the parasympathetic nervous system that overrides the sympathetic nervous system which is responsible for the fight or flight system in your dog.

Your dog’s sleeping pattern will improve including its digestive system. The relationship with your dog will improve and the bond too will strengthen.

What all breed you prefer and why?

All breeds are welcome. We don’t discriminate in Doga. Doga can be practised with any breed of dogs.

Describe few exercises that people perform with their dogs?

There is one classic seated forward bend where you flex forward from your hips while your dog lies on top of your shins. You can bring your chest on top of him which gives him a stretch and allows you to connect with his pulse and heart rate, so together you can both slow down your breathing through yogic breath control. While you are in middle of the yoga pose, say standing forward bend, you can use canine massage techniques to form a deeper bond with your dog.

For bigger dogs you may want to sit in wide legged angle pose with your dog between your legs. Folding forward from the chest it is to create compression on your dog, which elevates tension and for you it is a wonderful support for the lower back to have such a large yoga bolster that supports your flexion. So, as you can see each pose must benefit human and canine in the same way otherwise it is not Doga.


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Do people bring their own pets, or is it the organisation’s job to assign them with one?

There is no way you can do Doga if your dog is not yours. It is all about bonding on a natural and emotional level with someone you already have a relationship with. Your dog trusts you and Doga is all about enhancing that trust. You cannot buy or rent this trust, you must earn it.

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