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Dilip Kumar’s ‘Naya Daur’ hits 60!

Dilip Kumar’s ‘Naya Daur’ hits 60!
Radhika Srivastava

Throwback : Dilip Kumar’s ‘Naya Daur’ turns 60 today

Veteran actor Dilip Kumar’s ‘Naya Daur’ turns 60 today. Such a big achievement it is. It’s been 60 years since B R Chopra’s ‘Naya Daur’, starring Dilip Kumar and Vyjayanthimala, released in 1957. Dilip Kumar’s wife Saira Banu was quoted saying that “I am very delighted that the film is turning 60.”

Saira Banu was 19 years old herself when it was first released. “It was a lovely evening at BR films. We enjoyed the first show of colourisation with all our friends together. It was like sharing the first time Naya Daur with Dilip Sahab. It was a grand experience from me.”

What was film is about?

The film was based on the theme of man versus machine, saw Dilip Sahab as a tongawala who fought to earn his daily meal.

He played the underdog who went on to fight the race of his life with the newly introduced bus, eventually winning the race and hearts of the entire village, a poignant story that’s still relevant today.

Dilip Kumar's Naya Daur hits 60! - One World News

Saira Banu was quoted saying that “The subject is definitely relevant because everything has been taken over by technology in today’s time.”

Very less people know that Dilip Kumar, has originally turned down the film, as it clashed with another one of his projects with Gyan Mukherjee .

‘Naya Daur’ was rejected initially

Yes, believe or not ‘Naya Daur’ was initially rejected. But ‘Naya Daur’ also had an initial rejection in its kitty before it went on the floors. In his biography, ‘Dilip Kumar: The Substance and the Shadow,’ Dilip Sahab mentions how Mehboob Sahab had first rejected it when BR Chopra came to him with the project.

He felt the script would work better as a documentary rather than a full length feature film. But BR Chopra went ahead and ‘Naya Daur’ went on to become a massive hit.

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