Designer with a difference


From a successful career in finance to art and lately jewellery, all for a good cause she is none other than Joan Horning, American designer, who makes jewellery not for making money but profit sharing for the needy. Founded in 2003 after a successful financer, Horning start working with the philosophy that philanthropy is beautiful. “My intention is not to just money but to help the poor who really needs help in the field of education, health, medical research and animal care,” Horning said.


Joan Horning, American designer

Horning collection for philanthropy consists of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings using 18k gold, sterling silver and precious and semi precious stones. “My inspiration comes from the travel I do once in every month around the world. As a student of art I learnt a lot and now I am connecting my knowledge in my jewellery.” According to till date 800 non-profit organizations benefitted from her foundation called Joan B. Horning Foundation based in New York.

Since company was born, Horning has been donating 100 percent profit to from each pieces of jewellery to the charity as suggested by the purchasers. “After it is their (purchases) money and their suggestion is important. In this way you can win the confidence of my customers and make them happy. I love connecting to the people. Her designs blend tradition with contemporary aesthetic. “My jewellery are not over powering but meant to be noticed and there is something for every one on any budget.”


Joan Horning and her design

Horning’s new collection is very colourful and soft for spring/summer season. This is an impact line and she is very excited about the cuffs in this set of jewellery. “For me philanthropy is lifestyle and my thought always was to seize every opportunity not only to think but also help others making it contagious.”

Her clients include many politicians and celebrities. Horning’s jewellery has been worn by among others Jennifer Lopez, Megan Fox, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Noami Watts and Eva Mandez. “Please note that Oprah Winfrey too wear my jewellery6.” Horning said..

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