Decode the Secret: Moles interpretation Part 3

Decode the Secret: Moles interpretation Part 3

Moles on the lower parts of the body: What does it really means?

In the astrology of India and China, moles play a vital role in predicting destiny of a person. We all have moles on different parts of our body and they all have different meanings. This is my last piece on moles, and today I will tell you the interpretation of moles on the lower parts of the body.

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Mole on the right buttock indicates wisdom and creativity. This person could become an artist. On other hand, mole on the left buttock indicates poverty.


If a person is having mole anywhere on the genitals, it indicates their excessive desire of sex. These people generally will have a paramour. They usually lead a happy married life.


A mole on the right thigh represents the person is strong and valor. These people have chances to go to abroad. He will be profited by women; it could be his wife, girlfriend or any other women.

A mole on the left thigh represents the person is artistic. Sometimes the person could become lazy and have fewer friends in his circle.


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Mole on the right leg indicates success in all ventures. The person may involve in politics. On the other hand, mole on the left leg indicates journeys due to job or business. The person will have many friends in their circle.


Moles on the right ankle indicate foresightedness. The person endowed with gifts of gab. He/ she will be extremely devotional.

Mole on the left ankle indicates devotion towards God. The person will rarely talk. The person could face legal problems.

Mole on the right foot indicates his/her a good spouse and family life.

Mole on the left foot indicates his/her problems with spouse and family. The person could face some financial problems and wrath of others.

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