‘Death is certain’: 8 Lessons you can learn from Mark Manson’s Subtle Art

Book Review:  The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck!

Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of not giving a F*ck is really trending these days among millennials.  A lot of people got sceptical about reading this book because of its bold title. But as we know, we should never judge a book by its cover. Manson’s subtle art has a lot of good lessons to offer.  The crux of this Book is – One should only concentrate on the things that matter to them and they should not worry about the things that hardly matter to them. Indeed, it was a good read, and I strongly recommend it to all the bookworms out there.

Here are 8 things I have learned after the reading the book, take a look:  

  • You are not special: You have to realize that you are not special. There would no special treatment for you.  You will have your own share of problems and only you will be able to solve them.
  • You cannot always stay positive: We often say that stay positive in each and every situation. But this is not always possible. Sometimes it is important to vent out your emotions and tell the other person what you feel about them.
  • Stop searching for Happiness and realize that it’s there: The so-called ‘modern generation’ loves to stay happy. We are constantly on a quest to find happiness. We are never satisfied with the things that we have. And the truth is, happiness is sitting right there in front of us. Stop searching for happiness and feel it in the things you have.
  • Everything is not your cup of tea so stop caring about fitting in: We cannot make everyone happy around you, so stop caring about fitting in.  We try so hard to be a part of the crowd but that is not required. All you need to do is just embrace your uniqueness.
  • Death is certain: We all are going to die one day because death is certain. That’s why giving f*ck about each and everything will just mess up your life.  It is better to focus on things that you want.
  • Negative Experiences add so much to your experiences: Mistakes and negative experiences teach so much. It helps us to discover our real self. They actually help to guide us to bigger and better things
  • Everybody has their own experiences:  Everyone has their own life experiences and they are different from others. You should not compare it with others and if you will constantly compare them, then you will be overlooking the things that make you happy.
  • Wanting Better will not make you better: Wanting better things will never make you better. Better job, a better relationship and a better lifestyle, we all want better things in life, but if we will focus more on things that we don’t have, we will always feel miserable.

So if you really don’t have some great plans this weekend, then hooking up to this wonderful book can be a good idea.  You can thank us later.

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