DASH Diet Keeps Your Heart Healthy

DASH Diet Keeps Your Heart Healthy


Here is some good news for all blood pressure patients. DASH diet can provide amazing health benefits.


DASH refers to Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension and stresses the importance of consuming nutritious food and lowering the consumption of food with low or no nutritional value.


Such a diet aims at controlling hypertension. It can facilitate weight loss but strengthens heart.


DASH Diet Keeps Your Heart Healthy


DASH diet chiefly includes calcium, potassium, proteins and fiber. The diet is effective in keeping your heart healthy. Junk food is full of food items containing lot of sodium that is harmful for your heart.


DASH diet is healthy diet and almost a balanced diet.


Weight loss is assisted by DASH diet. Losing weight is not the primary object of DASH diet, however by strictly following DASH diet you can shed some calories and have a healthy heart.


The main aim of DASH diet is to cut down on your sodium intake. Sodium is responsible for having adverse effect on your blood pressure. So with controlled sodium, your blood pressure remains under control.


Types of Dash Diet:

There are two variants of DASH diet depending upon the amount of sodium:


Standard DASH diet-

This type of DASH diet contains 2300 mg of sodium per day.


Lower sodium DASH diet-

In this DASH diet, daily sodium intake is 1500 mg.


DASH diet involves grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and lean meat, seeds, dairy products, etc. An important point to keep in mind is to reduce sweet, alcohol, fat and oil intake.


So eat DASH diet and stay heart-healthy!




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