Cutty Sark Arrives In India

Cutty Sark Arrives In India

Cutty Sark Arrives In India

Cutty Sark blended scotch whisky, which was launched in 1923, is now all set to raise the bar of taste in India. Made its debut in Lalit Hotel, New Delhi, Cutty Sark is an iconic brand which has graced world’s best bars and clubs for nine decades. Available in over 50 markets around the world like- USA, Spain, Southern Europe, Portugal and Greece, soon it would be available in many states in India, starting from Delhi.

Cutty Sark Arrives In India - one world news

Embodying the spirit of fearlessness, Brave, bold and creative from the time it was introduced, the launch event also held a tasting session where Kristene Campbell, the Master Blender, introduced the flavour and taste of Cutty Sark to the audience. “I feel really great about being one of the world’s five women master blenders. I love my job and feel privileged. India is the fastest and hugest growing market for Scotch whisky so we wanted to bring our flavours here. Cutty Sark is a versatile drink, you don’t have to drink it neat but can mix it up with jin, tonic, soda, pseudo water or some other range of cocktails. If you are someone who enjoys spirits then go for it. There are no stereotypes that scotch or whisky is meant only for men, so enjoy your evenings with our brand.”

The event became more excited when Nitin Bal Chauhan launched his exclusive and limited edition collection inspired by Cutty Sark. The beautiful and bold designs not only left the audience spell bounded but also succeeded in giving out the flavour of Cutty Sark. Kalka Koechlin become the show stopper for his show and also briefed the media about her attire.

Cutty Sark Arrives In India - one world news

“The attire is inspired by Cutty Sark and is based on a witch who wears really short night gown and runs faster than the wind that’s why the gown flows completely on one side and it makes it pretty.” Said Kalki.

Kalka has been nominated as best actress in Asian film award for movie Malgarita With A Straw, talking about the same she said that rarely cinemas have spoken about such radical topics like disability and sexuality. The kind of roles she has always been known for Kalki thinks it is the time when the audience is ready to get exposed to such subjects and would be able to handle it with maturity. She agrees that the topic is radical but she believes it’s exciting too. The movie would release in India on 10th of April this year.

Cutty Sark Arrives In India - one world news

Moving on, Kalki exclusively spoke to us about what fashion means to her, “For me personality, expressing traits of personality through attire, for me best designers are those who took time, stood up for social differences, focussed towards something which isn’t accepted. I believe when fashion gets serious, it can become revolutionary culture.”

Adding to it, Nitin Bal Chauhan said, “I always look for tangible inspiration to translate into design and intangible inspiration where i create concept. So the tangible inspiration for the exclusive collection comes from the architecture of the ship and the concept comes from the explorers who discover different things and have the free space to do that. I think that is what the spirit of mankind is that you are driven my passion and discover something new.”

Continuing on his decision about choosing Kalki as his show stopper, Nitin said “She is beautiful in and out by that I mean not only she looks good but she is bold, unorthodox, unconventional, free spirited, explorative, and vibrant and the kind of roles she has portrayed on screen I wanted to see how working with her for this collection would come out as. I am so glad about my decision because I didn’t have to change anything, not even a stitch.”

Priced at 1800 INR (1 litre), 1400 (750ml), 750 INR (375ml) and 350 INR (180ml), the blend will be imported in bulk from Scotland and bottled at the best in class Kyndal facilities in Goa and would soon be available in Delhi.

Tasting notes: Colour: Deep Amber, NOSE: Fresh and enticing with vanilla citrus fruits. PALATE: Clean, balanced and lively with vanilla ice cream and caramel. Finish: Smooth, vibrant and uplifting.

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