Cricket Ka ‘BIG’ Headquarter: With Viru & Harsha

Cricket Ka ‘BIG’ Headquarter: With Viru & Harsha

Cricket Ka ‘BIG’ Headquarter: With Viru & Harsha

The official radio partner of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, 92.7 BIG FM, have come up with a unique and interactive show called ‘Cricket Ka Big Headquarter’ featuring star Indian batsman VirendraSehwag and cricketing expert Harsha Bhogle.

The show will provide excellent on-air engagement including exclusive trivia and a contest in which six lucky winners stand a chance to win a trip to Australia and report the match from the stadium on Big FM.

Cricket Ka ‘BIG’ Headquarter: With Viru & HarshaOneworldnews

Press Launch of ‘Cricket Ka BIG Headquarter’

The Constitution Club of India, Rafi Marg played host to a press conference held ahead of the launch of the show. Virendra Sehwag, Harsha Bhogle and Manisha Tripathi interacted with the media and answered questions about the show and India’s chances ahead of the upcoming World Cup.

Cricket Ka ‘BIG’ Headquarter: With Viru & HarshaOneworldnews

Manisha Tripathi, National Product Head at BIGFM

Manisha Tripathi, national product head BIG FM, said “BIG FM promises to provide exclusive content to the cricketing fans throughout the event. Regular updates, match schedules, pre-match and post-match analysis by Harsha Bhogle and Sehwag’s take on match events will provide a multi-dimensional coverage of the World Cup”.

Following her, Harsha and Viru engaged in an interesting session talking about the form of the Indian players and India’s chances against the big teams like South Africa and Australia.

Harsha, asked Viru about the enthusiasm of the fans, he said “The spirit hasn’t gone down since winning the World Cup in 2011. But the recent losses have dampened the spirits a bit. Do you think it affects the performance Viru?”

Cricket Ka ‘BIG’ Headquarter: With Viru & HarshaOneworldnews

Cricket Expert Harsha Bhogle

Sehwag responded by saying “There are always ups and downs. Either we get a lot of praise or criticism from the media but the players have to play the game. I don’t think the recent form will affect the performance in the World Cup.”

Harsha then went on to comment on the match between India and Pakistan, and asked Viru about the pressure of facing Pakistan. Sehwag responded by saying “An India-Pakistan game always comes with pressure. Infact, it is as the media calls it ‘a final before the final’, so there is a lot of pressure involved.”

Cricket Ka ‘BIG’ Headquarter: With Viru & HarshaOneworldnews

Celebrity Judge Virendra Sehwag

Ending the event, Manisha informed everyone present about the partnership between BIG FM and PLUGGD Radio to launch a mobile app that will serve as a platform for the listeners to participate in contests and polls and to interact with the RJs through chat.

The excitement surrounding the World Cup is increasing steadily and with unique ventures like these, one can always stay in touch with the action.

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