Conversing with Twins of HEY BRO

Conversing with Twins of HEY BRO

Conversing with Twins of HEY BRO

There is always an element of mystery, surprise and confusion when it comes to any story about twins. In his latest movie, ‘Hey Bro’ Ganesh Acharya deals with the concept of this drama that follows a great start. One World News speak to the twin brothers (who don’t look alike) of Hey Bro- Ganesh Acharya and Maninder Singh.

In an exclusive chat during a press conference, Ganesh spoke about how he actually never knew about his acting side. “I never knew nor I discovered the acting side of me; I have always loved dancing. I never took actual training but started dancing since the age of 13. Ghatak was my first ever movie where I appeared on screen in the song ‘Maara re’ that too, just because the cameo actors never turned up and the shoot was getting delayed. “

“It was then, when song really got famous, people thought that maybe I can act and thought of me being lucky for them. Then came the chance to act in Bicchu’s ‘Ishq ke zanzeero’ song, Road’s ‘Nikalley Bhaiyye’ song etc. and each one of them was a hit.”

Conversing with Twins of HEY BRO - one world news

Ganesh Acharya

“After all this, I was offered a negative role by a director from the South Indian movies and the character was actually really strong. The movie starred Jeeva, who is a Superstar in South Indian movies and my role really got a good response. After that, I got a lot of offers from the industry. However, I had to refuse since my choreography was getting affected by it. Then, one fine day Remo D’Souza approached me for ABCD and as a choreographer it was his biggest hit and trial so to get support he wanted me to act in the movie and that’s how I came back on the screen. “

“The role got really good remarks but I took break and after watching the movie, Ajay Chandok thought me fit for the role in Hey Bro. When he came to me, I heard the entire story with my wife and we both loved the script and decided to make the movie but we were in thoughts about how to get the fatter one among the twins, so Ajay replied I have the person right in front of him, pointing at me. I was shocked and laughed but he was quite serious about it. So, that’s how I got the role and for this, I had to stop my diet plan which I was following after ABCD since the role demanded me to be the same. “

Conversing with Twins of HEY BRO - one world news

Vidhi Acharya, Maninder Singh, Ganesh Acharya and Hanif Hilal

“People have seen me dancing but not entirely as an actor and this movie has action sequences as well. So I think acting almost has become a side of me, rest I leave it on people.”

Do you think being choreographer helps as an actor?

“I don’t think being a choreographer actually helps in being an actor since the rules are really different. In dance, you just teach the steps and leave but it’s on the actor to emote and do it in way in accordance to the situation of the scene after which the song is placed or according to the character he or she plays.”

Tell us something about your style of choreography?

“I like to transform the actress when I choreograph. Giving away my element to them is what I am known for. From costume to set, everything is being decided and done by me. I look for challenges when I choreograph for any actress. When I was approached for Chikni Chameli, I refused to do it but when I got to know that its being picturised on Katrina Kaif I was pretty excited to choreograph a hip-hop and Arabian dancer as a complete Marathi Mulgi. So, the experimented worked really well.

Conversing with Twins of HEY BRO - one world news

Hanif Hilal

Usually an item song is thought to be for guys, to seduce them but the songs I have choreographed are pretty famous amongst girls indifferent of their age. So, yes the perspective of looking at such songs can be different.”

What kind of actor do you think you are?

“I don’t know what kind of actor I am nor has anyone told me about it. People choose me on the basis of what they think I will fit into, why they think that I have no idea. As far as acting is concerned, I am more focused on being a choreographer and not an actor and at this age I am focusing on selective work.”

What has been your special moment?

“The special moment for me was 2006 when I was nominated as choreographer for five movies- Rang De Basanti, Golmaal, Omkara, Beedi Jalaile and Hera Pheri. So, after all this, I decided to make an art film called Swami in which I introduced Maninder Singh as an actor. It was really amazing moment for me when it was critically acclaimed and even now has 6.7 IMDB rating.”

Conversing with Twins of HEY BRO - one world news

(L) Ganesh Acharya (R) Nupur Sharma

Maninder, what have you learnt from Ganesh Acharya during this movie?

“Spontaneity. He is someone who thinks from heart and actually feels the situation no matter what the scene is. He has amazing ability and talent but has no airs about himself. He surprises us and others. His life has so much to show and say- coming from slums, starting career at 14, and then being dance director at 19 and getting numerous big awards, then being an actor- that we can learn a new thing every day.”

Conversing with Twins of HEY BRO

Maninder Singh, Ajay Chandok and Nupur Sharma

What was your reaction when you were told that you would act next to him?

“I was shocked when I was told that he would be my co-star since he is my guru who gave birth to me as an actor by giving me an opportunity in Swami. I never even asked what the script is about, when he approached me for Hey Bro. That’s the trust and respect I have for him. So, he narrated the story to me and I thought I would be playing twin roles but then came the shock, I was acting with him. So I was both shocked and excited. But yeah, the only question I had was if I have to lose weight or gain weight. It took me time to open up to him but he was really kind to calm me down and make me comfortable in every situation and scene we have.”

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