Control Cholesterol Naturally!

Control Cholesterol Naturally!


Cholesterol has two distinct forms-HDL (high density lipoprotein) and LDL (low density lipoprotein). LDL is also known as bad cholesterol while HDL is the good cholesterol.


LDL obstructs the blood circulation and causes liver failure, kidney failure, damages the brain.


Rising LDL can pose serious danger to your heart. On the other contrary HDL carries back the no-utilized cholesterol back to liver where it can be used again.


Control Cholesterol Naturally:

Here are some simple tips to control cholesterol.


Always have breakfast. Never skip breakfast because by doing so your blood cholesterol level can soar high.


Kick start your day with healthy breakfast such as sprouted beans or grams, fresh fruit salad, etc.


Remember consuming large meals causes more insulin in blood circulation and this increases the risk of high cholesterol level.


Eating small meals is a unique and simple way to keep your cholesterol level under control.


Include citrus fruits in your food because they contain lot of vitamin C. high quantities of vitamin C is good as it provides you HDL. Green vegetables and fruits contain pectin or cholesterol reducing fiber.


Have lot of tomatoes, potatoes citrus fruits spinach, strawberries and apples are rich sources of vitamin C. This is a simple and very useful tip to lower your cholesterol.


Garlic is helpful in reducing soaring cholesterol levels. Have six to seven cloves of garlic daily and be sure to keep your cholesterol level under control. Nowadays garlic capsules and pills are also available in the market.


Drinking grape juice is another effective way to check rising cholesterol as grapes contain enzymes that are capable in .reducing cholesterol.


Kidney beans, soybeans, lima beans and navy beans can also lower your blood cholesterol level.  Add beans in your regular diet and be cholesterol-controlled


Regular intake of 2-3 carrots daily can decrease your cholesterol by ten to twenty percent.


If you are obese, try to lose your surplus calories as this will not only give you a good shape but will also reduce your cholesterol.


Strictly avoid bakery products such as cookies, snacks and salty and oily food items as they increase blood cholesterol level.


Follow these simple tips add a lot of fiber-rich vegetable and fruits and stay fit and healthy!




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