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Complaint filed against actress Sofia Hayat!

Complaint filed against actress Sofia Hayat!
Radhika Srivastava

Actress Sofia Hayat got a swastika tattoo on her feet

Sometimes, intentionally or unintentionally actors do such things that grab a lot of public attention. Same thing happened with actress Sofia Hayat as well.

Sofia Hayat got Swastik inked on her feet

Sofia Hayat got Swastik inked on her feet

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Bollywood babe turned nun actress Sofia Hayat takes a spiritual tour of Varanasi. She know very well how to remain in public eyes. A police complaint has been filed against model-turned-nun Sofia Hayat — a British national of Indian descent — for getting swastika inked on the soles of both her feet. Swastika is considered as spiritual symbol in India. Then how she can do that?

Well, this act of her has disturbed a lot of people, and has hurt their spritual sentiments too. The complaint was filed by RTI activist Asad Patel at the Amboli police station in Jogeshwari (West). Patel took to his account and tweeted ” A copy of the complaint is being circulated in the media. “Model Sofia Hayat ne kya Hindu Muslim dharm ka mazak udaya. Amboli Police station mein complaint dakhil (Why has model Sofia Hayat made fun of Hindu and Muslim community. Complaint lodged in Amboli police station).” As per complaint copy, Sofia has disturbed the “public peace and public tranquility and public order” by getting the swastika inked on her feet.”

Sofia shared her picture on instangram

Sofia had shared a photograph of her feet with the swastika tattoo on Instagram earlier this week. As the symbol is considered sacred by the Hindu community, Sofia courted outrage over social media. On the other hand, actress took to her account and defended herself. She wrote “May those with anger know that they only do the work of the devil in their anger. May those that say unkind words know that those words come from negative entities whether you call it an energy, the devil or anything else.”

Sofia also then posted an image of another tattoo. “And my final sacred tatoo… Allah Islam, peace. To be born is to be a Muslim… To be a muslim is to surrender… To surrender you come into knowing of divinity in you and all things in existence… And to know existence is to know Allah… To know Allah… Is to know the greatest love… to know this… you know PEACE… And love all things… for everything has a reason.”

Sofia has appeared in many shows like
Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki, Bigg Boss 7 andComedy Nights Bachao.

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