Cocktails and Dreams

Cocktails and Dreams

A man who started his career as a pizza delivery boy has managed to win the World’s biggest cocktail competition organised by Bacardi for his special cocktail named ‘19’. One World News interacted with the acclaimed bartender Mannmohan Singh who is presently working at PCO Bar in South Delhi.


Before we start please share the recipe of cocktail 19th with our reader?

Bacardi superior rum-45ml
White crème de cacao-20ml
Fresh lemon juice-20ml
Martini bianco-10ml
Absinth spray-to flambé – 10 times on a sugar cube
Sugar cube – 01
Garnish – Lemon and orange peel.
Glassware – Coupette


Flambé a sugar cube with absinthe, add lemon juice, Martini Bianco, white crème de cacao, Bacardi superior rum, add ice and shake. Strain in a chilled coupe glass. Perfume with orange and lemon peel. Discard the orange peel and drop the lemon peel in the glass.

Why number 19?

I have named it 19th, because in 1919 United States of America had passed the 19th amendment, which gave women the right to vote.

How and when you landed into this profession?

I started my career as a pizza delivery boy and moved on to work at a coffee parlour. There, while I was making coffee and shakes, I thought of mixing alcohol, this is how I became a bartender. It’s been 9 years that I have been working in the hospitality industry.


How many recipes have you experimented with, till date?

It’s difficult to give a specific number but as a bartender we need to experiment with drinks so, as to meet the guest’s needs.

Which is your favourite cocktail mix?

One’s favourite cocktail mix- depends on the base spirit.

What are your future plans?

To visit the best bars of the world for a learning experience and also to share it with my friends here in India

How supportive are your parents for this profession?

They have always supported me and never said that you should not work as a delivery boy or at a coffee parlour or finally as a bartender, they always said ‘do what you love to’.

Photo Courtesy : Facebook Account of Mannmohan Singh & Sameep Tawakley, One World News

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