Church of Scientology

Church of Scientology

“Life in its highest state is understanding”- L. Ron Hubbard (Founder of Scientology)

One World News brings to you something new and different this week in its core wellness section. This special practice is called ‘Scientology’. In this context, we had an interaction with Yatin Bajaj, the Public Executive Secretary of Scientology, Delhi branch.


What is Scientology according to you?

According to me, Scientology is a very practical method through which people can solve their own problems. Everybody has got problems in their life related to relationships, at work, in handling children, marriage and so on. Like in a game, if you know the rules, you can win the game. Similarly, if you understand the rules of life, you can succeed in life.

When and where was it started?

It was started by L. Ron Hubbard in 1952 in America and then brought to India in 2002. It has branches in almost all the countries, except a few in Middle East. Asia and Africa are two regions where it has more scope at this time.

In India, how many branches do you have?

We do not have many branches right now. This is the main centre and the other we have is in Patiala. A person there who came to know about scientology even before it came to New Delhi, started practicing it.

What is the method of performing scientology?

It is a very simple method, so people from all walks of life come and read books on scientology, which enables them to identify their problems and handle them accordingly. People willing to know about Scientology, attend an introductory lecture which can be on any topic like relationships, et cetera. They then take a personality test followed by a graph which shows where they need to work and in which areas they are doing well. For example, somebody might do a program on improving his relationships or how to get motivated through some workshop, lectures and also through personal counseling.

How does one become a Scientologist?

One can become a Scientologist by just applying Scientology to his life. For example, if you read a book and if you apply those principles in your life, you can make your and other’s life better too. So, a Scientologist is one who applies Scientology to his life and becomes a Counselor, Practitioner or Auditor.


People of what age group generally come to you?

As far as a person can understand and learn, he/she can visit us. For example, children of age group ten to eighteen and adults of 45 years also pay a visit.

Elaborate on the symbol of Scientology.

There are two triangles in the scientology symbol that comprise life. They are called- the ARC triangle and the KRC triangle. The ARC is about understanding people which stands for Affinity, Reality and Communication. It is like if I am communicating with you about scientology and you are listening, that is communication. If you agree with it, it will become real for you and you will have more affinity with it. If suppose, parents are saying something to the child and the child really cannot understand or relate to it, the child will have less affinity for the parents. So, ARC is all about bringing understanding in relationships. As far as KRC is concerned, it is about Knowledge, Responsibility and Control. What one has more knowledge of, that one can control and one has more responsibility of. The lesser knowledge you have, you are less able to control and be less responsible.

On the other hand, if you try to control something, you need to gain knowledge and then responsibility would come. So, both the triangles are inter-related and are about life.

Does Scientology helps in changing people’s lives?

Yes, it does. Let me share a story of a young boy who was not doing well and they declared him dyslexic. So, Hubbard did a research on dyslexia and found out how to learn as there was no cure and so it was an easiest way to name it dyslexia. Learning ‘How to learn’ was his first course. This student eventually was able to study and broke that norm of dyslexia. So, this was one example, besides other examples where relationships between parents and kids have been handled. There is an example where a broken marriage has been saved.

Does scientology involves a scientific way of dealing with problems?

Let me share a story of a young school boy who was not doing well in studies and was declared dyslexic by school. He did a course in Scientology called Learning How to Learn. This course is based on a research done by Mr. L. Ron Hubbard on ‘How to study?’ and this student could study well and he broke the norm of Dyslexia. In Scientology it has been found that by proper study methods one can handle this thing called Dyslexia and it actually does not exists. So, this was one example, besides other examples where relationships between parents and kids have been handled. There is an example where a broken marriage has been saved. Does it consist of any exercise or meditation?


No, it does not involve any meditation. It is not that if one is in Scientology, he has to do a lot of exercises as well. In Scientology, there is a Purification program. The purification program is designed to help a person have a clear body by getting him rid of all the accumulated toxins. In our current society toxins can come even from food items and not only from chemicals, pollution, drugs etc. This program is done under supervision. A combination of diet, vitamins and exercises in the form of running on treadmill and sweating in Sauna is used. It is discovered that while one sweats in the Sauna one releases his toxins through the sweat. More information on Purification can be found in a book written by L. Ron Hubbard named ‘Clear Body, Clear Mind’.

Why do you call it a ‘church of scientology’?

Well, the word ‘church’ is used for a place where people get together for a common purpose or for spiritual enhancement. So, the church of Scientology has no connection with any kind of religion. It welcomes people from all walks to become a part of it. According to scientology, religion basically means ‘wisdom’. The other part of religion which people need today is- how to live happily, how to lead a good life, and so on. For example, a person who is in a job and cheats, he could be from any religion or anybody for that matter. Now he may go to different religious places but what is missing in his life is knowledge of what is right or wrong. Scientology does not deny the existence of God but at the same time does not tell us who your God is. People here are free to choose their religion. But it will give you tools to live your life happily, how to keep your wife and kids happily, it will remove from your mind all the negative emotions.

Describe the introductory test and graph?

The set of questions that is given checks how you are as a person. It is required that the person is answering things very honestly otherwise, he will be cheating himself only. They are asked to answer as it is and not how it should be. If you answer ‘how it should be’, you will be fooling yourself. For example, if there is a question in it- do you feel nervous in front of many people and if you say, yes, it means you answered as it is. Through that, we get a picture of how you look at yourself and then we can work on you. Based on that, a graph is made which works on the principle of tone scale to evaluate a person’s behavior. On that graph, there is a line which determines who is doing better and who all are depressed.

There is a book called ‘Science of survival’ through which, you too can predict other’s behavior. So, Scientology is very simple. Anybody can learn scientology and can apply.


Does scientology believes in past lives?

According to many ancient philosophies, Man is a Spiritual being. He is not just a body but he is a spiritual being having a body. Scientology holds in common this belief with these philosophies. Though very few people talk about it, there is a theory given by Ron Hubbard which one can accept or reject, it is up to him. It holds its beliefs because scientology’s roots are from the eastern world as Hubbard read a lot of eastern philosophies where it is believed that man is a spiritual being. In practical experiment, it has been proved that it is not just the body but it is something more than that. As long as the spirit is concerned, it is believed to be a free soul. So it has more than one life.

What is narconon and crimenon?

Narconon and Crimenon are organizations which applies Ron Hubbard principles to rehabilitate drug addicts and criminals respectively.

We do not have any of its branches in India but we are still planning to open one. But we do have Narconon in Nepal. It holds 70% success rates as there is nothing hundred percent in the universe. It is best among all the drug rehabilitation centers because they use scientology principles and well-defined procedures how to get off drugs.

What is Dianetics?

Dianetics is a science of mind which explains why people have unwanted emotions, that is for those people who get angry without any reason or people having fears. So, dianetics explains the root cause of this. They call it the reactive mind. So dianetics contain of the therapy to get rid of that part of mind. Well, dianetics came before scientology but still is called a sub-study of scientology. It started in 1948 and in 1950, a book was written on it by Ron Hubbard and then, scientology came into existence in 1952.


What is tone scale?

Tone scale is a scale of emotions where one can see at which position a man is which determines how he communicates and understands things. For example, an angry man will not listen, he just snaps out. So every emotion has a behavior attached with it. Similarly, if you see a grieved person, his behavior is sad or crying type. So tone scale is an understanding of human behavior. For example, if a person is mean or cheats, even without understanding his behavior, we just call them so. So if you know the tone scale, you can predict people’s behavior. As you go in college, you know who can be my friend or who cannot because you understand their intention. Another classic example is when a person is going to get married; he can match his or her partner’s behavior on tone scale. No matter what Kundli and all are good but here, we can see whether there is intellect between us. On hiring a person on a position, the tone scale can also define how responsible a person is.

Any famous celebrity associated with Scientology?

There are a lot of people who come here but as a practice, we have a code of confidentiality due to which we cannot reveal their identity. Amongst all the people who come to Scientology, there are some people who own big businesses and some are from the film industry. In any case, it is well-known that Tom Cruise is associated with it.

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